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Strategies for Upgrading Your PLC5 Hardware

The programmable logic controller, or PLC, has been around forever by high tech standards. The original PLCs came out in the late 1960s, and the venerable PLC 5 has been doing admirable service since its introduction in 1988. Time and technology have caught up with the PLC 5, however, and the product is no longer manufactured. Indeed, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley now recommends replacing your aging PLC 5 hardware with ControlLogix (CLX) control systems.
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A Little FAT is Good for You!

It’s the first day of site commission, and you’re nervous. The new system will work…really. You’re sure of it, aren’t you? After all that time and money, you’d bet your life on it, wouldn’t you? Well…wouldn’t you? Maybe if you had required a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) plan at the beginning of the project you would. That’s the best way to get from might work to will work.
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