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Industry 4.0 is here – are you ready?

The ‘smart’ industrial facility is upon us. We’re already accustomed to having information about nearly anything at our fingertips; Industry 4.0 looks to extend that immediacy and extract vital information from your sensors, equipment and plant floor. You may say “well yeah, we’ve been doing that for years,” and to some extent that’s true; we’ve been able to organize and promote information from machines for years, bridging the gap between plant floor operators and upper management.
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MES – Eating the Elephant

As they do in any business, corporate manufacturing leaders know, with as much certainty as they know that the sun will come up in the morning, that they have some amount of error, waste, and inefficiency in their operations.
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Strategies for Upgrading Your PLC5 Hardware

The programmable logic controller, or PLC, has been around forever by high tech standards. The original PLCs came out in the late 1960s, and the venerable PLC 5 has been doing admirable service since its introduction in 1988. Time and technology have caught up with the PLC 5, however, and the product is no longer manufactured. Indeed, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley now recommends replacing your aging PLC 5 hardware with ControlLogix (CLX) control systems.
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In Memoriam and Appreciation: Jerry Zeigenfuse

Jerry Zeigenfuse passed away peacefully this week.
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What’s Lurking in Your Enclosures?

Let me know if this sounds familiar to you: somewhere in the plant there’s an enclosure that houses your controls hardware. It’s seen some changes over time – some components may have been replaced or may no longer be needed, but no one seems to know if there’s been any documentation of the changes: the old napkin on which someone drew a schematic disappeared long ago. And there may not be any documentation at all for the wiring connections to your field or internal devices.
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