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Avanceon’s innovative solutions will help your water treatment or distribution facility tackle evolving design, installation and security challenges. As a leading systems integrator, our skilled engineering team blends extensive technical and installation knowledge with design and engineering dexterity.

Improve Your Water Process

The ease of a well-designed and implemented automated system can’t be overstated. Our systems can be tailored to maintain and distribute a high quality water supply. Avanceon’s engineers bring over thirty years of experience to the design and installation of both large and small PLCs and SCADA systems for water treatment and distribution plants.


Water Industry Solutions

Avanceon delivers a wide variety of solutions to the water market including:

Industrial Solutions
Municipal Solutions
In-Plant Processing
Water System Integration
Systems Security
Information Management
Utility Management
Remote Pumping and Monitoring
Drive Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

Remote Telemetry

Knowing the status of all your facility’s locations, however remote, is a critical component of advanced water system management. Integrated remote telemetry systems provide real-time data and instant connection to all your facilities and remote locations. Avanceon delivers the cutting-edge solution that best meets your remote communication needs, including:

Licensed & Unlicensed Radio
Hard Phone Lines


Are you protected from a cyber-threat and ready to meet Homeland Security standards? Is your facility prepared for weather-related disruptions? Water treatment and distribution centers are essential components of our nation’s infrastructure, and the Avanceon team understands the importance of staying ahead of EPA and DOE requirements. We help to safeguard your facility’s reputation and your product’s quality by ensuring that your security needs are properly met. Avanceon’s experienced team understands that technological upgrades go hand-in-hand with security innovations and can secure your automation and information systems as well as your physical plant and assets so that your facility can exceed both customer expectations and government requirements.

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