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What is WOG? – A glimpse into Avanceon’s Associate Advocacy Group

What is WOG? WOG stands for “Work Out Group” the meaning of which has long been lost in the folklore and yester-year within our company, but the fundamental principle shines through our culture daily. WOG is our company’s employee advocacy group.
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Want to Keep Learning?….. Look to Your Colleagues for Inspiration

“Do you know how to use AutoCAD?” That was the question my boss asked me, a few weeks after I started in my new position at Avanceon. My response, “Wow! Yes, although it’s been nearly  9 years- but I’m sure I can brush up my skills.” Eager to impress at my new job and excited by the opportunity to gain new knowledge, I put together a plan and got to work. I began by watching some online videos. YouTube is a great resource. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend learning a brand new technical skill solely based on YouTube videos but if you need a simple refresher as well as an update on enhancements, it’s a great place to start. I was actually surprised by how much it had changed over the years- I had plenty to learn!
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Finding the Perfect Fit: An Avanceon Employee Success Story

After college, I got a mediocre job working in Customer Care for an energy company. I used that job to gain customer service and sales experience and to build my resume, but certainly did not plan to stay forever. Before I knew it, however, one year turned to two and two to four. I found myself in a slump. Stuck in an uninteresting job and at a salary standstill, I decided it was time for me to further my career somewhere else.
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Crucial Conversations: How to Communicate in Critical Situations

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charles “Tremendous” Jones
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Living Healthy on the Road: Part 2 – Physical Activity

In my last blog, I offered some tips on how to eat healthy on the road. Another aspect to a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable when traveling is physical fitness. While going to the gym can be difficult enough as it is, add in long work trips at places far away from your home gym and you may lose all hope of keeping an active lifestyle. I am an avid gym goer when I’m at home, so I am very interested in trying to find ways to keep up with it on the road. Here are a few options for anyone looking to stay active, even if it’s only once a week.
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