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Gratitude Matters

With the disruption of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself with time to catch my breath and reflect on what matters most to me. In the stillness, it became quite apparent that I had much to be grateful for during this unsettling time.As I embraced all that I was grateful for in my personal life, I began to think of my coworkers. I thought about how they made a positive impact on me through their words of thanks and encouragement, team player and can-do attitudes, and willingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Gratitude in the workplace improves company culture, strengthens teams, motivates associates, increases job satisfaction, and creates a positive work environment, to name just a few benefits
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Collaboration: Coming Together for Success

Starting a new job can be difficult. Whether it’s your first day at a new company, your first job in a new industry or your first step into the working world, all job transitions will certainly include one thing: new challenges. What to do when overwhelmed by the unfamiliar? Consider collaboration.
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Women in Engineering

Women have always been a part of engineering.  Take Edith Clarke, the first woman to earn an electrical engineering degree in 1918, overcoming both a learning disability and becoming an orphan at age 12.  In 1921, she received her first patent for the Clarke Calculator; she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for this advancement in 2015.   When Edith was hired by GE in 1923, she became the first—the only—woman professionally employed as an electrical engineer in the country.
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So You Wanna be a Rock Star?

To starry-eyed teenagers, rock stars can seem super-human, living a dream filled with fame and fortune. When I was younger, my perception of a rock star was just that. As I grew up and realized that a rock star is just another human being, I then asked myself how an ordinary person could achieve rock star status. Well, being a talented musician helps, as does discipline, creativity and maybe a little luck. Behind every successful rock star is also a team of people including production managers and highly skilled engineers making sure all the technical details are handled. An invisible team bathes the rocker in the best light and crystallizes their every note, not to mention the stylists and PR teams who craft a rock star’s image.
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Building a Culture of Continuous Learning – Part 1

Over the years, whenever a conversation would turn to topics like continuing education, I would always get a chuckle in response to my standard answer: “The most important thing I learned in school is never to go back.” Looking back, it wasn’t terribly funny, and the laughs were probably just polite.
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