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A Beer Drinking Company with a Softball Problem

Eight years ago I walked into Avanceon for my first day at work.  Like many people, I was nervous about starting a new job.  My nervousness skyrocketed when a comment I made in my interview about having played softball in junior high school somehow had morphed into me being known as “the girl that plays softball” to all my new co-workers.  I was flooded with questions about what position I wanted to play and when I could start and was shown the trophies the team had won in past seasons.  I quickly learned that softball at Avanceon is a big deal.

I showed up on game day, fully prepared to embarrass myself since I hadn’t picked up a bat in 20 years, and was given my jersey.  On the front in bold lettering was the saying “A Beer Drinking Company With A Softball Problem Since 1984.”  I laughed, appreciating the humor, and made my way to the office kitchen to meet up with my new teammates.  I was warmly greeted and immediately handed a cold beer, which was the perfect antidote to my nerves.  As I guzzled my beer and stretched my legs, I was given a crash course in Avanceon softball.  I learned three important lessons that day: 1) We play to win 2) Having a beer before the game is a long time Avanceon tradition and 3) Having several beers after the game is an even bigger Avanceon tradition.


I don’t remember what position I played that day or whether we won or lost.  What I do remember is how much fun I had bonding with my new co-workers over softball and beer—something that I have been able to do for the past eight summers.  Some faces have changed, some have gotten older, but our motto is still just as true today as it was back then: Avanceon is a beer drinking company with a softball problem, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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