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A Look into an Engineer’s Day

Did you ever wonder what a snapshot of an engineer’s day looks like?  Well guess no longer…

8:55 AM

One mile away from work. Then two traffic lights and everyone else rushing to their own destinations.  Quickly speeding up as the first light turns yellow — praying that the second light in the distance turns green and stays green.  Coming up to the second light; am I going to make it? I sure hope so.  I squint my eyes.  Yes!  Ok in the parking lot; but damn, why does everyone have to park so close? Oh, who cares; I need to get to my cubicle on time.
Success! I made it on time.  Now I need some coffee.  Wait, who’s the wise guy that left no coffee in the pot and didn’t make any more?


10:30 AM

Three cups of coffee done.  Multiple spreadsheets, programs, and drawings open on the laptop. They slow it down. Great.  Time for a project meeting.  My laptop needs a break; I’ll just bring a notebook to this one.
12:30 PM

Lunch!!! Time to get a little bit more work done and eat something.
1:30 PM

Why can’t it be lunch anymore?  Time for some code review and prepare for some testing next week.  Better get all my ducks in a row for this, so I don’t embarrass myself or the company.
3:30 PM

Documents to read and reports to write.  The backbone of any engineer’s day.  They lied to me in college when they told me that engineers won’t need English class because they don’t write anything.  But hey, they have to be completed to get the project done.
Oh come on Windows update! You know how to stop everything I’m doing.
4:00 PM

Stupid Windows update. (Heavy Sigh)
5:50 PM

Home stretch, almost done.  Just wrapping up a few loose items on the list.  Checking code and documents back into their respected homes so that others can have access to them.  Time to fill out my time sheet or else I’ll lose track of what I did.
Ok, time to pack up.  Will my laptop shutdown or will I have to do more updates?
Oh come on, darn updates!!!
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