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A Palatable Team Building Event

Avanceon is, generally speaking, split into three business units, or “pods” (and not a day goes by that I don’t make a reference to my “pod people”). As one of the few associates who overlaps pods (I claim possession of Pods 2 and 3), I get to compare and contrast the inner workings of both, and often reap the rewards of a dual involvement. Specifically: pod events.

Having been an intimate part of the decision making process, I can say first hand that team building events are a challenge to plan. It’s difficult to find an interactive experience sans cheese, and even harder to please everyone with one activity. I personally just wanted to go pet dogs with my coworkers for a day, but that was pretty quickly turned down. (I’ll just have to focus my energy on encouraging Bring Your Dog to Work Day for the whole office!)
What we did land on, for Pod 3 at least, was a collaborative competitive cooking class. Split into random teams, we were each responsible for one dish and then ate EVERYTHING. The venue (Cooking Spotlight in Phoenixville) prepared a multi-course menu, prepped stations for each team, assisted as needed, and judged our creations. We were awarded Best Tasting, Best Presentation (props to the hand-cut lemon wheels from our former bar-back!), Best Teamwork and Most Creative (kind of a terrifying one for food!). No one was hospitalized or went home wearing their meal, and everything was edible. The blend of work and play led to a fun, successful event.
Next I’m hoping that Pod 2 will plan a Room Escape or Seinfeld Trivia!
What team events have you seen go well, or horribly wrong?!

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