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Ain’t No Party Like An Avanceon Party

On Saturday, January 30th, Avanceon employees gathered at Valley Forge Casino for one of the best attended holiday parties in company history. Drinks were imbibed. Money was won and lost. The dance floor was dominated. And the Avanceon “band” made its debut appearance.

The event was organized by HR pro Sara, who followed up last year’s bash aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia with another exciting venue change. The evening kicked off with an open bar, followed by a buffet dinner. After dessert, comedian Adam Olenisis took to the stage for some laughs and “all in good fun” razzing. Olenisis exposed Steve as Bob Z.’s doppelganger, apparent from their preference for blue formalwear. The comedian inflamed (or perhaps started?) a rivalry between Scott from Food and Beverage and Tracey from CPG. Olensis also noted that some associates looked so much like rock stars, they could form a band, with Tracey on lead vocals, Alaina on tambourine, and Eric on bass. Did Evan and his date leave on speaking terms after Olenisis’ ribbing? Sources report that all is well.
At the Vault, the casino’s bar and club, rock band Stellar Mojo kept the dance floor jumping with a variety of crowd-pleasing covers, and the Avanceon crew threw down, pogo-ing to “Livin’ on a Prayer” and grooving to “Uptown Funk.” Brian challenged Sue to a dance-off. Who won? Everyone who witnessed their magnificent moves. In the wee hours, the casino called. Matt ended the night up over $100, one of the party’s biggest winners.
The fantastic turn-out, along with how many associates were still on the dancefloor or around the Roulette wheel very early Sunday morning, is a testament to how many genuine friendships thrive among Avanceon’s team. While some office parties become an obligation, Avanceon’s is a true celebration! Looking forward to next year!

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