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A Perplexing Team Building Event

Ask and ye shall receive! Pod 2 did a room escape for a team building event! The sad news is we did not make it out. The good news is we had a great time trying!

As a group, we solved puzzles and found clues to locate the hidden fortune in the mansion. We divided and conquered (well, we conquered some of it) and got through the majority of the room. I’m still a little bitter about the clue in the closet that was intended to be visible by black light. But it did give me a fun story: I closed myself in a dark closet attempting to locate the hidden message (which we had already found, unbeknownst to me, and used incorrectly, unfortunately), and I heard the doorknob slowly turning. I knew what was about to happen, but there was nothing I could do…. I scared the life out of one of our top MES developers! (Sorry Ed!) I still chuckle when I think of the look on his face and his overall reaction!

I know, personally, I want to do another one. We better escape next time…

And we did! We took a deep communal breath and went back….and we escaped! We escaped!

That’s right – we tackled another room escape for a team building event!

We went back to the Bates Motel Escape Room in West Chester, but this time it was Pod 1’s turn to beat the clock. We were too large a crowd to do one room, so we split into two groups and conquered not one, but two of their escape rooms. One group was locked in the Tomb and had to find its way out, avoiding the fate of the archaeologist who failed before us. The other group was trapped in the Bates Mansion, in search of a hidden fortune. (Shhhh! Don’t remind Pod 2 that we didn’t find that fortune!! Pod 2 will just have to go back and give it another try!)

I can only speak for the group I was a part of–the group who made it out of the Tomb alive. We solved puzzles, played with sand, spun columns, refracted light, and assembled mosaics…. We even danced a skeleton around. (That was wrong, by the way, but totally fun!)

I hope we go back again! Who knows who we can make dance in the next room!

Both experiences were great nights to allow us time to relax, forget about work, and let our mind process challenges different (kind of!) than the ones we work on every day. There’s a reason Avanceon has been one of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Best Places to Work” two years in a row and why I love it here. Find out more about our corporate culture by clicking here.

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