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What’s Endorsed Got to Do With It?

When shopping for an integrator to deliver your Wonderware (AVEVA) solution, have you seen those Partner badges that say Certified or Endorsed and wondered what they mean? Or even more, what bearing should they have on your decision about who to pick? For all the details you can see the System Integrator Partner website. But for a quick intro, keep reading.
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Capsule Training – How to Learn in Small Doses

Do you remember back in ancient times when you went to a training course or bought a new piece of software you received a big fat manual to put on your shelf that you could refer to whenever you had a question or a problem? You pulled it down, flipped to the index and searched for your topic and often it had what you needed. But where are those manuals now? They don’t exist. The world moves too fast, products and topics change too quickly, and (to be quite frank) those things cost too much to produce and use too much paper. So what are we left with? Those same manuals in electronic versions.
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love InBatch

Do you remember the now classic scene in The Lion King where a group of hyenas are saying the name of the king, “Mufasa,” to each other and the mere mention makes them shudder? “Ooooh! Do it again!” In my experience, there is an automation product that has the same effect on engineers and customers alike. What product is that? Wonderware’s  InBatch! No other software product has made my friends and colleagues shiver and shrink.
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