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How to Develop the Next Generation of Engineers

Children are natural engineers. They love building and taking things apart. Their innate curiosity about the world around them creates the perfect opportunity to introduce and explore what it is that engineers do.
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WFH: Certain to be the most popular acronym of 2020

For many people, the COVID-19 Pandemic is the first time they find themselves working from home for an extended period (or maybe ever!).
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Engineering Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every profession in some way. Engineers are lucky; most can avoid exposure while on the job and many were well-suited to work from home. But every type of engineer, from controls and process engineers, to software professionals, and even engineering students from universities across the country, have found the need to adapt and rise to the challenge of our current situation.
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Women in Engineering

Women have always been a part of engineering.  Take Edith Clarke, the first woman to earn an electrical engineering degree in 1918, overcoming both a learning disability and becoming an orphan at age 12.  In 1921, she received her first patent for the Clarke Calculator; she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for this advancement in 2015.   When Edith was hired by GE in 1923, she became the first—the only—woman professionally employed as an electrical engineer in the country.
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Want to Keep Learning?….. Look to Your Colleagues for Inspiration

“Do you know how to use AutoCAD?” That was the question my boss asked me, a few weeks after I started in my new position at Avanceon. My response, “Wow! Yes, although it’s been nearly  9 years- but I’m sure I can brush up my skills.” Eager to impress at my new job and excited by the opportunity to gain new knowledge, I put together a plan and got to work. I began by watching some online videos. YouTube is a great resource. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend learning a brand new technical skill solely based on YouTube videos but if you need a simple refresher as well as an update on enhancements, it’s a great place to start. I was actually surprised by how much it had changed over the years- I had plenty to learn!
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