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Pre-Project Consulting Role for SI

What makes a successful automation project?
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Taxes, Service Bills and System Integrators

Before you get too upset about your ever-growing local taxes and municipal service bills, let’s look at some valid reasons for their increase. I’ll bet you never thought of how systems integration affects these bills. In fact, the poor state of some of our basic infrastructures has caused a rather large increase in the cost of some of the basic services we all take for granted, like water supply and sewage services. Both of these industries have been available to people and businesses for many years, and like most things, they are desperately in need of upgrades and repairs just to keep pace with the ever-increasing population.
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Testing, Testing. Developing, Developing: Discovering Test Driven Development

Back in 2003, Kent Beck and David Astels first proposed the concept of Test Driven Development, or TDD, as a new approach to develop project code.
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How we learn….

In a recent project kick-off meeting, I explained to our client how our team would discover his process operations and then adapt our code standards and methods to his specific application. With a straight face and a deep stare, he replied, “I don’t want to pay for your learning curve, too.”
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Your Cube, Your Space

There was a time when I thought a productive employee needed an office where they could shut the door and work away in distraction-free silence. However, while silence is precious and clearly needed at times, there is a lot to be said for the open cubicle office environment. Immediate collaboration is an obvious advantage. The ability to easily open a dialog with a nearby co-worker can be very attractive. However, there are rules and boundaries associated with cube space that we should understand before walking into or shouting over a coworker’s cubicle walls.
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