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Whether you are a new customer or a 20 year Avanceon client, there are a few quick areas of service where we often engage on a project or a business need. The below offerings highlight the approach we take to “get rolling” on the needs of the customer to provide value and key deliverables required for a successful initiative. Browse below and let us know if one fits your problem, we’d love to discuss further. Let’s roll!

Requirements Definition – MES or Automation with ROI

Determining an overall roadmap and vision plan for automation and information systems is critical to the project approval and design. We will quickly understand the business problem, define requirements and demonstrate positive ROI.

Automation Check Up / Obsolescence Plan

Obsolescence is inevitable and the best way to manage it cost-effectively is to have a plan in place to mitigate the manufacture’s exposure and develop a phased plan across financial periods.

Learning, Training and One Point Lesson – Course Development

Customized training based on each student’s aptitude and abilities which enables the student to achieve the results intended. Courses are approved by the customer and can be delivered by the customer, Avanceon or self-instructed.

Consulting – Manufacturing Assessment and Analysis

Assess your manufacturing process, and develop a Gap report of the operations with recommendations to address each item to improve overall operational performance.

Automation as a Service – Assessment

Provide single, monthly cost, value-added services for upgrading, maintaining, and improving customer systems and training customers to operate them. It’s designed to help manufacturers maximize value from their automation assets while controlling their support and development cost.