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The Power of Partnership

Partnership not only benefits the customer but also the integrator.  The good news is the benefits for the integrator only feed into the customer’s needs.  Integration’s circle of life!


In a successful partnership, the customer gets consistent deliverables and resources along with a depth of knowledge for all their processes, including execution methods.  Did I mention trust and reliability? What’s that in the business world?


For the integrator, the promise of more work is an obvious benefit.  But partnerships run deeper than that. While working for Avanceon for eight years now and other integrators previously, I have worked with multiple customers.  The hardest part always seems to be kicking off the project and understanding its scope.  That “feeling you out” stage can be as awkward as a blind date.   With a partnership, you can skip that step.


A partnership’s true power is the culture it grows.  That culture is a reward to both partners.  Seeing the same faces on projects, already trusting each other, understanding requirements right away or working more closely together to develop them simply leads to more success on both ends.


Also, that strong culture helps to onboard a new engineer, one of the hardest things for any company to do.  This applies to both the customer and the integrator.  There isn’t a better atmosphere you can train someone in than the one your company has an overwhelming depth of knowledge in.  Also the new engineer is part of an already trusted team, which gives him or her confidence.  This leads to more engineers the customer knows and trusts for future projects


How else does partnership benefit the customer? Just recently I worked on a large project with a long-time customer whose lead engineer was new to their company and leading projects.  But because of the trust and the depth of knowledge we had regarding the way they execute projects, we basically trained their new lead engineer, simply by working together.  In the end, the project was highly successful.


Have you benefitted from a successful customer-integrator relationship?  Post your experiences below!

Project Management for Beginners

I am not a project manager (and I don’t play one on TV, either). But I do work closely with PMs and have picked up some of their secrets. Unfortunately these aren’t juicy, salacious secrets, but they do offer some good insight for engineers, administrative team members, and clients alike.
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A Beer Drinking Company with a Softball Problem

Eight years ago I walked into Avanceon for my first day at work.  Like many people, I was nervous about starting a new job.  My nervousness skyrocketed when a comment I made in my interview about having played softball in junior high school somehow had morphed into me being known as “the girl that plays softball” to all my new co-workers.  I was flooded with questions about what position I wanted to play and when I could start and was shown the trophies the team had won in past seasons.  I quickly learned that softball at Avanceon is a big deal.
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The Opportunity to Innovate Is “Now Here”

Why didn’t I think of that?  We’ve all been there, watching “Shark Tank” or a commercial for a new product that’s deceptively simple or ingenuously innovative, something we know we could have come up with, if only we had!  Perhaps you’ve heard about a competitor’s new system or creative solution and wanted to slap your own forehead.  Why didn’t we think of that? 


Low energy, labor and money costs make this a great time to improve your manufacturing operations, gain efficiency and hedge future expenses.  But if your operation is running smoothly, how can you spot existing opportunities to innovate and drive more value to your organization?  Here are some areas to consider:


  • Data Analytics:  Are you capturing enough data?  Are you collecting the most useful data?  Have you tied your historical data to financial return and impact? Innovative data analysis can shed light on where efficiency can be improved and where cash can be saved.

  • The Holistic, “Circular” System: Can you recycle and reuse traditionally discarded waste products?  Are there redundant elements in your current system?  Do all your system’s elements “speak the same language” and connect optimally and show their value impact?  Thinking of your system as “circular” as opposed to “linear” and focusing holistically may inspire creative solutions.

  • Advanced Automation: Sensor networks, remote telemetry, vision systems and artificial intelligence aren’t as costly as they may sound.  Operations of any size can scale these technologies to optimize their systems and drive value to the business.

    If you feel a little stagnant, a fresh perspective is invaluable.  Be it interacting with other departments in your organization, talking to your industry peers, reviewing the new offerings of your technical partners or working in consultation with a professional services firm, there are endless opportunities to leverage business value from today’s latest trends.  After all, depending on your perspective from the Shark Tank, the opportunity to create value is either ‘no where’ or ‘now here.’

    Avanceon’s Culture: ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’

    Many companies claim to have a great culture, but would their employees agree? I believe that Avanceon’s culture is inspiring, and I’m going to tell you what makes us different. The term culture might be often over-used, but as Avanceon’s in-house recruiter, it’s a large part of what I do. Finding candidates that fit our culture is an important part of successful hiring.
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