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Calibration Services

Avanceon delivers a full range of calibration services for regulated industries at any stage of a project. We can guide you in the development of your requirements and apply our experience to help you select and install the best instruments to maximize your productivity. After installation, Avanceon provides periodic calibration assessments in the field, making this routine maintenance hassle-free.

Avanceon’s team is trained to calibrate a wide variety of instrumentation, including:

  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Viscosity
  • Various analytical instruments, including pH, turbidity and conductivity


We then provide customers with the proper certification to validate that all their instrumentation is accurately calibrated. Our instruments are NIST-traceable, ensuring the accuracy of all our calibrations. Consider our certifications a guarantee that your instrumentation is calibrated to NIST standards, resulting in a superior end-product and reliable data.

Additional Value

As a full systems integrator, Avanceon’s highly trained specialists can approach your calibration needs from a holistic perspective and evaluate how instrumentation fits into the scope of your entire system.
At Avanceon, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive, 24×7 customer support. Routine calibration management strengthens and supplements our support offerings.