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Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System

MES is not just for one group of people. Personnel at all levels of the plant can greatly benefit from this technology. MES allows operations to be streamlined and provides key data to management, increasing production efficiency.
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Customer Spotlight: AmeriGas

From design to implementation and support, Avanceon collaborated with AmeriGas, the nation’s largest propane company. Implementing more automation, decreased unsafe operator “touches,” and increased productivity. Working hand-in-hand AmeriGas and Avanceon were able to increase output to over three-million cylinders annually creating an eighty percent operational equipment effectiveness and a reduction in staff by over fifty percent.
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Customer, SI and Technology – a Collaboration for Success

Projects rarely execute 100% according to plan. Unexpected obstacles often tear at the very core of success. The value of a partner is often measured at the point in a project where things turn for the worse. How can a series of complications be transformed into a stunning success? The key ingredients of partnership, innovation, commitment and flexibility coupled up with hard work and persistence make a resurrected plan viable.
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