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Collaboration: Coming Together for Success

Starting a new job can be difficult. Whether it’s your first day at a new company, your first job in a new industry or your first step into the working world, all job transitions will certainly include one thing: new challenges. What to do when overwhelmed by the unfamiliar? Consider collaboration.

When making a major career move, you will likely be faced with new kinds of work and unique problems. These could stem from using unfamiliar technology or from trying to learn the protocols and standards of your new company. Maybe you are having a hard time integrating into your new team or perhaps you can’t understand why that stubborn piece of code refuses to behave the way you expect.
No matter what challenges you find yourself facing it is important to remember that most of us don’t work in a vacuum. While a little struggle can be educational, it is important to know when to reach out and ask for help. Toiling away silently and spending days on the same problem is a sure fire way to reduce your effectiveness and damage your sanity. Next time you find yourself heading down that frustrating rabbit hole filled with “What’s going on?” and “What am I missing?”, send out a flare. Ask for help. You probably work with some pretty smart people and it’s likely at least one of them will have some valuable insights, so ask! I promise, you and your team will be much better off than if you kept those struggles to yourself.
Here at Avanceon, one of our fundamentals is “Leave No One Behind.” This means we strive to maintain an environment where we welcome opportunities to help one another and we never abandon each other. Everyone at Avanceon knows that asking for help when you really need it is not just acceptable, it’s celebrated! By actively engaging with this fundamental we promote collaboration and build a strong community while increasing our effectiveness as a company.
How can you encourage collaboration in your work?
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