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An office full of engineers. Different skills, different experience, different projects. Two things they all share (aside from Doctor Who screen savers and Darth Vader bobbleheads) are a need to get the job done and an almost compulsive drive to tell the world how they did it.

Hence the reason for the ‘Tech Tips’ system at Avanceon.
This is how it works: When our resident mad scientists make a discovery, find a work-around, or step in a pile of something they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemies, they fire out an email to the rest of the engineering group. Through sorcery, we automatically add the message to a SharePoint repository, which is available for future generations to reference.
This setup also lets the Tech Tip originators crow about the technical dragons they’ve slain, and it gets people who are working through similar issues together to foster conversation. So when a person on one side of the building makes a discovery, and a person on the other side has a critical need for that information six months from now, it benefits everyone to get that connection made. And it’s not exclusively wizard level stuff. Newer folks share the types of things newer folks need, etc.
Sounds cool, right? We think so. And you’ll be able to benefit too, because we’re opening our Tech Tips to the Greater Avanceon Community (that’s you), right here on our website.
So set your Vader bobblehead to rocking, queue up some Doctor Who (I’m a Tom Baker fan myself), and marvel as the mysteries of the universe are revealed!
Ok, I might have gotten a little excited. But there are some good ones in there, so please check them out. You’ll find them right here at avanceon.com/TechTips.

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