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Training was once something that could be glossed over in hopes that time “on the job” and “failing forward” would provide sufficient pressure and energy to take a new person in a new role and make them effective in their job. Unfortunately, today’s challenging environment no longer supports this approach. In order to address the needs of today’s manufacturers, Avanceon provides customized education programs and new approaches to learning to drive success in a new persons role.


There are a number of key challenges that manufacturers face today as it pertains to knowledge transfer, retention and expansion:

Boomers retire, and expertise leaves with them. Coupled with that, technology is evolving at breakneck speed.
Changing business needs have introduced new technologies and concepts that the current staff are not equipped to handle.
There is a lack of expertise and, more importantly, bandwidth in many manufacturing locations to adequately teach and fulfill an employee in their new or even existing roles.
The majority of available and easy to consume training and mentoring focuses on general technical skills and very little time is spent on the elements that truly determine that success of people in their role.
Learning, Training and One Point Lesson – Course Development


Avanceon delivers training that best meets your needs and your new employees learning styles. We focus on developing custom plans and the right materials for classes of a single student to classes of over one hundred. The development and delivery of our education services typically include:

Classroom and virtual / video course material covering key topics in Technology Applications, Project Concepts, Overall Leadership and Soft Skills
Weekly Mentoring for Students
Learner Management Access and Progress Visibility for Individual Students as well as their Leaders
On the Job Training for Individuals and Teams
Apprenticeship Programs to ensure the correct mentorship and retention
Training – Sometimes it doesn’t take much, but we always do what it takes.
Training Rock Star Moment
We love making Rock Stars among our customers. Sometimes, it only takes a little extra – like when we gave a special tutorial to one of our customer’s engineer’s. It gave him the knowledge he needed to present the new system features to his VP of Operations, who was mightily impressed. It didn’t take much – and it wasn’t part of the training scope — but it’s the sort of thing that makes us a trusted advisor and not just another vendor. More moments