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That’s why we’ve created the Avanceon 360 program: a set of customized People, Training, and Support services designed to free your company from the hiring, training, and support issues that drag down your ability to move forward and allow you to focus resources on manufacturing production and your product: the things you do and know best.

Here’s how we will help

As your needs require, we’ll provide training on:

Technology (HMI, PLC, IoT, Analytics, Standards, etc.)
Project Execution Process (agile, waterfall, risk management, communication, etc.)
Project/vendor/contract management
Process/electrical understanding (P&IDs, PFDs, schematics) and safety
Troubleshooting, support and maintenance
Leadership and Relationship
And we can deliver that training as best meets your needs and your new employees’ learning styles – whether it’s traditional classroom, on-the-job, e-learning, or a blended approach. We’ll even develop custom plans and materials for groups of any size – including individual employees.
But we’re nothing if not realistic. We know that training alone is only a part of new employee onboarding. Your new people need real-life experience, and Avanceon Educate can provide it.
We’ll put your new hires to work – mentoring them either on projects we’re doing for you or in similar environments. Once their “apprenticeship” is complete, you’ll have fully prepared employees, ready to step into their new roles and be productive.

Training Solutions

In today’s ever changing world of technology, it is imperative to provide targeted and effective training that allows personnel the ability to support, operate, and maintain their systems. Avanceon’s unique approach to training focuses on the final goal our customers’ wish to accomplish before we ever develop a training course. Assessment pre and post testing plays an integral role in discovering students’ needs and helps to design courses to achieve these goals. Once the goals and prospective learner’s abilities for the training are understood, Avanceon can develop a targeted, interactive based course. Avanceon’s Training Programs take a practical and objective based approach to learning where we integrate early assessment, information development, delivery, and results verification into courses that provide an immediate impact to your people and business objectives.

Avanceon Educate is just one part of Avanceon 360:

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For More Information

For more information about these services, please contact Avanceon at 610-458-8700 or via our Contact Us page.