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Engineering Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every profession in some way. Engineers are lucky; most can avoid exposure while on the job and many were well-suited to work from home. But every type of engineer, from controls and process engineers, to software professionals, and even engineering students from universities across the country, have found the need to adapt and rise to the challenge of our current situation.

Engineers have been able to support health care professionals in important ways, including:

– Creating life-saving, inexpensive, easy to manufacture ventilators

– Developing tests that help detect the virus as well as antibodies

– Helping manufacturers switch gears and make products that are in dire need, such as PPE

– Using 3D printers to create vital PPE for hospitals and essential workers.

– Contributing to the new normal by facilitating social distancing with improved video and call apps for schools and doctors’ offices

– Creating games and apps to keep kids busy and learning while at home

These challenges have also given engineers a chance to improve their technical skills and efficiency. Arkema, one of the plethora of manufacturers we admire in their response to COVID, has altered some of their production line in order to manufacture hand sanitizer; many other manufacturers have honed their agility to make similar shifts and help address the needs of today. Engineers can embrace the challenges of working from home and our complex new circumstances to become even better at their profession and benefit from improved efficiency long after the pandemic has ended.
This is the type of engineering innovation and drive we admire at Avanceon. What has inspired you in response to COVID?
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