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First Time in the Field

The first time in the field- it’s a very exciting moment for a new engineer. There are a million questions racing through your mind. Are all the travel arrangements taken care of? Do you have all of the documents needed for the project? Most importantly, is the project complete and ready to go to the field? If the answers are “yes,” then it’s time to go to the plant, implement the code and be done, right?

Not so much.
Thinking back to my first time in the field, I was excited- but a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect. How would things be set up at the client’s site? Who would be the key players of the project? How would the I/O checkout be conducted…the list went on and on.
If you’re preparing for your first project in the field, you may be feeling the same way. But just like all the other “first timers” before you, let me assure you, you’ll do just fine. Chances are you’ll be with a team of experienced engineers who have been around the block a few times. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them for help. Remember- they were once in the field for the first time too!
Do you have any advice for first timers? Share your thoughts with us in the leave a comment section below.
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