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Give in to Peer Pressure!

I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

The first year I was at Avanceon, a whopping two of us dressed up for Halloween.

I probably put up a stink after that for an entire year, trying to convince more people to participate. “Halloween is fun!” I’d say. “Costumes are fun!” I’d repeat. “Be fun!!!!!!!!!” I’d encourage.
Year #2, our count was at seven. That’s more than TRIPLE year #1!! Yes! Awesome!!

Hoping for a pattern, I campaigned. I prodded. I offered to help people plan. “It’s never too early!” I’d say in July. “Don’t forget,” I’d remind in September. “Tis the season!” I’d sing in October (THIS is my Christmas!!).
And guess what? IT WORKED!!

Count em up! That’s sixteen people!! More than DOUBLE the previous year!! SSSUUUUUCCCCCESSSS!!!
This year? The world!!!
Does your office celebrate Halloween? Share your costumed company photos! Please!
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