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Shallow Talent Pool Issues

The right people for your organization are out there, but finding, interviewing, and hiring them can take up a huge amount of time and money. Outsourcing the hiring and onboarding process to a company you trust just makes sense. We’re Industry 4.0 experts; we know the technology. But more importantly, we know how to find potential employees with the process, relationship, accountability and soft skills you need.


Get the right people on board.

Develop targeted job role description
Create and source a candidate pool
Narrow the pool to the best candidates
Interview the pool and develop recommendations
The final choice, of course, is yours.

We’ll be involved in the process for as much or as little as you want, whether you need a complete recruitment and hire service or just an knowledgeable partner to act as a sounding board and provide an appropriate litmus test to confirm your candidate choice. But as you well know, a successful hire is just a start. Your new employees, whatever their entering qualifications, need effective, real-world training from someone who knows the systems and processes they’ll be using. Avanceon provides the structure and service that will free your staff to work on critical projects while we plan, develop, deliver, and assess the training needed to make your new hire successful.

Avanceon Hire is just one part of Avanceon 360:

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