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#AVANCEONLIFE: Learning from Others Never Stops

Recently, I stepped into the so-called real world after college. One key lesson I have learned is to learn by example. Sure you can find a list of directions for a majority of the tasks you come across in work and life. However, the day-to-day nuances of sending a professional email and even blending into company culture are learned from the example your colleagues set. You may not realize it as first, but quickly you will come accustomed to how you interact with colleagues and supervisors and it will become second nature.

No matter what stage you are in your career, everyone has something they have unique expertise in. You should always be seeking to learn from those individuals. It will not only help you do your job more efficiently and effectively, but it will also help you grow into new opportunities.
“You are never the smartest person in the room” is a great phrase to live by. You can always be optimistic that has someone has something they can teach you. At Avanceon, I am lucky to be surrounded by the brightest and most supportive team I could have asked for. My willingness to be corrected and my ability to seek out a second opinion has never led me astray and it’s even more important to have that mindset in the workplace. Everyone has different experiences and with each person’s unique approach, the ultimate goal can be achieved. Not to mention, many people have experiences in their back pocket that you may not know about from simply reading their bio or their work history. In fact, many practical experiences that are helpful to others, are never written down.
Much of workplace etiquette and decorum isn’t even taught in the classroom. It takes time and effort to really learn how to best interact with and help out colleagues.
Even though our formal education may be over, I’d like to challenge everyone to still be engaged students seeking to learn whenever we can. Education doesn’t stop after college… Keep your learning hats on!
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