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Living Healthy on the Road: Part 2 – Physical Activity

In my last blog, I offered some tips on how to eat healthy on the road. Another aspect to a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable when traveling is physical fitness. While going to the gym can be difficult enough as it is, add in long work trips at places far away from your home gym and you may lose all hope of keeping an active lifestyle. I am an avid gym goer when I’m at home, so I am very interested in trying to find ways to keep up with it on the road. Here are a few options for anyone looking to stay active, even if it’s only once a week.

The first option is the easiest- go for a run. Assuming the weather is decent, going for a 20-30 minute run after work can help relieve the stress from a long day. Not a runner? There’s always the option to walk. Invite other co-workers to join; it can be a great way to get to know them a little more and even make a friend.

For those who are tight for time or would prefer to get in some activity in privacy: use your hotel room. I started using my room on days where I am pinched for time and just need to get a quick workout in. There’s plenty of space (normally) to do some calisthenics: pushups, sit-ups, squats, etc… I have a coworker who adheres to the room workout plan, and they have found a resistance band that easily packs in their suit case and makes for a great addition to the room workout routine.

Another option is the hotel gym. Most hotels have a small fitness center available for use. You’ll typically find a few treadmills, some weights, and a few yoga mats. This can be the most time and cost effective way to include some physical activity after a long day at work. Without having to leave the hotel, you can go get a quick sweat in before you get ready to head out to eat.

If you desire a full gym and wellness center, there’s usually a local recreational center or community gym. I have signed up for long term memberships on long projects and, when on short term projects, I will inquire about a daily pass or a short term membership. So far, this option has worked out well for my lifestyle.

Going out and doing something active after a long day at the plant can help you to decompress and keep you from getting burnt out mentally. A healthy lifestyle is more than attainable when on the road, all it takes is a little planning. If you adhere to some of these tips, or even create your own unique plan, you can help in maintaining a healthy body throughout your traveling days.

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re on the road? Share your tips with us below.



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