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Ping Pong: More than just an activity at Avanceon

It may sound a bit unconventional, but ping pong is a great way to boost productivity at the office. It sharpens strategic thinking and skills, is a game that everyone can play and allows you to see a different side of your co-workers. We are fortunate to have a ping pong table in our office. During lunch breaks and late on Friday afternoons, you’ll often hear the sounds of ball hitting paddle and the murmur of quiet conversation among the spectators. Recently, as we were waiting our turn at the table, a colleague and I were discussing how much our skills had improved since we first started playing. It occurred to me that there’s a direct correlation between our behavior during our ping pong gatherings and Avanceon’s Core Fundamentals- the values that reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. Let me explain.

Avanceon’s Core Fundamentals
Work hard, play hard
When we all work hard and put focus, commitment and enthusiasm into our work, the benefits extend far beyond a successful project or a happy customer. Working hard creates opportunities to have fun and celebrate our success.
Ping pong is a perfect example that supports this fundamental. It’s a great mental break from work and a reward once your weekly work is done. It allows me to interact with coworkers that I may not see during the day.
Never stop growing
Add value by continuing to grow your knowledge both personally and professionally and by applying the lessons you learn and not repeating the past.
In order to be competitive in any sport, you need to continuously work on your skills. Ping pong is no exception. If your backhand is weak, expect your opponent to exploit that weakness! Weak serve? Advantage lost!
Be a buddy
A buddy is someone who is friendly, open, and inclusive. There are no cliques or exclusive clubs at Avanceon. We treat everyone warmly, as a friend and colleague.
All are invited and encouraged to play, regardless of skill level. It’s a great way to get to know our co-workers a bit better.
Accountability starts with “I”
By taking responsibility for yourself and your own actions/decisions, you manage risk and prevent unwanted results or consequences for our team.
Sure, luck plays a factor in the game, but when I return a serve and put it in my opponent’s sweet spot for a forehand slam that wins them the point, it was not luck that won the point, it was my action that created their opportunity.
Don’t be That Guy
You know- the one who leaves dirty dished in the sink or talks so loudly that everyone can hear him. We’re all “That Guy” sometimes. By being more aware of how our actions impact others, we maintain our awesomeness.
When we are done with the game, we recover the numerous balls that litter the surrounding area. If there is a meeting in the adjacent meeting space, we will try to play quietly (but we still play!) We try to be mindful and respectful of those around us.
Choose to win
Consciously choose to think positively in order to excel and be a winner.
First, even if we’re losing,, we never lose hope. Second, even in a loss there is enjoyment of the game and the competition as well as the opportunity to focus on areas of improvement.
Leave no one behind
When we succeed, we succeed together. And when one of us struggles, we all chip in to help overcome the challenge.
We actively encourage everyone to play and provide helpful (at least we think they are helpful) tips to improve their game.
Listen you shall
If we take the time to listen and verify what we’ve heard, we will better understand their real needs, how to deliver, and how to be successful.
In ping pong, it may not be so much about listening, but carefully observing your opponent’s skills rather than focusing on your own. What type of adjustments do you need to make or how can you can respond to their game to win the point?
So, as it turns out, Avanceon’s Fundamentals not only guide the way we work, but apply to my ping pong hobby as well. What about you? Do any of these fundamentals resonate with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts…and maybe meet up across the table from you. I’ll even let you serve first.
Check out the recent Philadelphia Inquirer article that showcases Avanceon and highlights the benefits of ping pong at the workplace.
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