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So You Wanna be a Rock Star?

To starry-eyed teenagers, rock stars can seem super-human, living a dream filled with fame and fortune. When I was younger, my perception of a rock star was just that. As I grew up and realized that a rock star is just another human being, I then asked myself how an ordinary person could achieve rock star status. Well, being a talented musician helps, as does discipline, creativity and maybe a little luck. Behind every successful rock star is also a team of people including production managers and highly skilled engineers making sure all the technical details are handled. An invisible team bathes the rocker in the best light and crystallizes their every note, not to mention the stylists and PR teams who craft a rock star’s image.

An organization might be full of untapped rock star potential.  But how can manufacturers best spotlight their team’s talents?  How can the best possible performance be achieved, day after day?  Just like a rock star, manufacturing teams need skill, discipline, creativity and of course a little luck.  So you want to be a rock star?  Try these easy tips.

  1. Some days you’re the lead singer; some days you’re back-up.  Celebrate your team’s achievements as heartily as you do your own.  A rock band consists of three or four (or five, or six – just ask Arcade Fire) musicians who dig each other’s sounds, not just a single Acapella singer.

  3. Embrace ch-ch-ch-changes.  Some of the most successful rockers of all time–the Beatles, David Bowie, Prince—frequently shook up both their sound and image.  Seek out ways to broaden your skill set, whether it’s continuing your education or taking on a new role within your organization.

  5. Listen up.  Don’t miss the details that can make a song great or a customer really satisfied.  Every note counts.

  7. Have fun.  Rock stars and their audiences feed off each other.  Rock stars can whip a crowd into a moshing frenzy or have them shouting along with the lyrics.  Why?  Because rock stars are having so much fun, who wouldn’t want to join in?  So enjoy your project, your co-workers, the quirks of your organization, and others might follow your lead.

Rock stars aren’t born; they’re made.  And you can remake yourself into a Rock Star, no matter what your role, as well as support other Rock Stars in the making.
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