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The Value behind the words “College Athlete” in the Workforce

After a recent conversation with my daughter, who is a Division 1 athlete and Engineering Major, I was struck by the fact that she is going to be prepared for the real world in a number of dimensions beyond that of a NARP (Non Athletic Regular-Person what college athletes call students who do not participate in sports).

Most athletes in college practice 20 hours a week and carry a full course load. Their average day begins with a 5:30 AM wake-up call, followed by 6:00-9:00 practice, classes starting at 9:15, practice again from 3:15-5:15, a couple of breaks for food (albeit short ones), homework and bed around 11:30. I can honestly say I don’t know how they do it. In my role as her top fan, I am constantly encouraging her, pumping her up when she is overwhelmed, sending her care packages for when she needs a break and talking to her on her way to class because that is the only time she can call.

Some might say that athletes are fortunate to not have to pay for college, but that fortune comes at a hefty price. The sacrifices they make before college to get this opportunity and the workload they handle day to day is incredible.

It was after my most recent conversation with her, when she was struggling with how to find enough time in the day, I realized that if I was hiring talent, I would want to hire someone who successfully managed her challenges. After all, aren’t the characteristics you look for in a good employee someone who is:

· Hardworking

· Driven

· Able to Multi-task

· Can Handle Stress

· A Leader

· Work Independently

· Ability to Manage Time

All of the above is what a college athlete has to do every day.

So maybe the next time you are looking for talent for your company, look for the applicant who has “college athlete” on their resume. That small notation on their resume gives you more insight into the person than you can possibly imagine.


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