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Make your MES Applications Efficient and Effective via MES Enablement

MES Enablement optimizes, standardizes and removes the guess work from data collection for MES applications such as OEE, SPC and Track and Trace. Learn how critical MES Enablement is in one’s factory by watching a short clip.

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Data Analytics

Video Interview: Data Analytics and Machine Learning on the Plant Floor

Matt Ruth, President and CEO at Avanceon, discusses how data analytics and machine learning can be applied on the plant floor to the benefit of OT personnel.

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PID Control Loop

PID control loop tuning advice: Expert interview series, Brian Fenn, Avanceo

Control Engineering web content manager Chris Vavra interviews Brian Fenn, COO of Avanceon, a CFE Media and Technology content partner, who goes over PID control loop turning by providing specific examples from a food and beverage client looking to improve their facility’s operations.

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Considering Digital Transformation

Considering Digital Transformation for Your Plant?

Not entirely sure if Digital Transformation (DX) would benefit your company? Get the key points from this short video that further explains DX.

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Elevating You - Avanceon

Elevating You

Many integrators forget what the goal is. Far too often, they become fixated on self-centered needs and lose sight of the customer’s focus. The customer’s success quickly becomes an afterthought and that’s no way to run a service business.

At Avanceon we commit to focusing on and emphasizing the personal success of the customer. We drive to elevate every person we interact with to their highest potential. “Our goal is to make our customers be rock stars in their own company”. It’s a simple idea but one that doesn’t get it’s due.

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We Are In It With You - Avanceon

We Are In It With You

Projects are hard work. If a manufacturer wants to be successful in implementing a project, it requires a special attention to detail of their organization, clear communication, change management plans and commitment to organizational adoption. This process cannot be done alone, it requires a team of dedicated individuals. It’s critical to have a partner you can identify with and trust to help carry the burden and share the load.

At Avanceon we know that “working together” with our customers is a better and a more successful mindset than just “working for them”. Our engagement level does not waiver whether it’s the smallest automation enhancement, a 2:00AM support trouble call, or a large multiyear new plant implementation. We are 100% committed to our customers.

The bottom line is we walk together and are in it with you. From start to end. And beyond.

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Translating Your Needs Avanceon

Translating Your Needs

At Avanceon, we understand how important your needs are and we translate them effectively to set a project or service up for success. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of the necessary innovations are evident in our translation vehicles of specifications, design studies, ROI reports, readiness reviews, resource analysis and obsolescence planning. We ensure that we capture your needs and define them for the future

From the moment we first meet our potential customer, we engage in a thorough consultative approach. Interviewing, reviewing, measuring, digging in, testing assumptions and recommending options are part of our DNA because, in today’s fast-paced environment, it is critical to make the right move the first time.

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Avanceon Exton

Avanceon: Who We Are

Since 1984, Avanceon has been providing innovative solutions that cover the entire OT stack. We have built on our foundations of electrical and controls systems, through countless SCADA, Historian and MES implementations to now embrace the endless possibilities of I4.0 and Analytics. From those early days, we have been committed to adding value to our customers in every aspect of system lifecycle including definition, justification, design, development, deployment and lifecycle support.

Avanceon focuses on delivering on our customer’s solution needs, whatever they may be. That commitment results in our three pillars of:
• Translating the Need
• We are in it with you
• Elevating you

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Six Steps Towards Eliminating Obsolete Controls Equipment: OT System Upgrade Project Tips

It’s unrealistic to believe that your other dated manufacturing equipment will last forever. Your company needs to be prepared for the day when it’s time to upgrade before it’s too late. Equipment becomes obsolete and there’s no reason to get bent out of shape about it, if you prepare and budget correctly. There are six simple steps to an obsolescence project in order to prevent catastrophic problems in your plants.

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