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Who We Are: Avanceon Intro

Who We Are: Avanceon Introduction

At Avanceon, we’ve been delivering innovative solutions across the entire automation pyramid since 1984, while building a team of the brightest, coolest people you’ll ever work with. Let VP of Sales and Marketing Matt Ruth show you who we are, what we do and why we do it.
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The Avanceon Impact

The Avanceon Impact

From toothpaste to batteries, to the water you use and drink, for over 3 decades, Avanceon has been providing innovative services and solutions that affect nearly everything you do on a day-to day basis. Learn more about how Avanceon impacts your life in this video.
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Rock Star Moment #1

Validation Rock Star Moment #1: Avanceon, the Red Tape Slayers

It takes more than engineering acumen to become a Rock Star and trusted advisor. For example, our validation depth recently helped us take major pressure off one of our customers. They faced overwhelming regulatory documentation requirements for a new product – requirements that were so complex and confusing they would significantly delay product rollout – perhaps even prevent it entirely. But our process and control experience allowed us to clearly explain the validation requirements, organize the necessary information, deliver the components we could prepare for them, and work with them on the elements they needed to do themselves. The regulatory agency accepted their proposal, and the product came to market successfully.
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Assessments – Thinking outside the box

Getting good ideas and projects started in a bandwidth constrained world.
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Solving the Unknowns of Electrical Systems

Solving mysterious electrical problems takes discipline, structure and a lot of experience.
One of the most frustrating electrical problems to solve, is when equipment behaves erratically or repeatedly fails for no apparent reason. Such was the case for one of our customers. After a year’s long struggle with electrical issues, find out how the Avanceon team solved the mysterious ghost-like problem.