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Want to Keep Learning?….. Look to Your Colleagues for Inspiration

“Do you know how to use AutoCAD?” That was the question my boss asked me, a few weeks after I started in my new position at Avanceon. My response, “Wow! Yes, although it’s been nearly  9 years- but I’m sure I can brush up my skills.” Eager to impress at my new job and excited by the opportunity to gain new knowledge, I put together a plan and got to work. I began by watching some online videos. YouTube is a great resource. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend learning a brand new technical skill solely based on YouTube videos but if you need a simple refresher as well as an update on enhancements, it’s a great place to start. I was actually surprised by how much it had changed over the years- I had plenty to learn!

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” The next step was to take what I had learned and put it to use while it was fresh in my mind. My team is currently working on a sizable system upgrade project for a large municipal utility authority. As the newest member of the team, I’m learning all about design, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), understanding the flow- basically the whole system.  Armed with my new knowledge, along with the help of my co-workers, I was able to take our clients old P&ID diagrams and help to create the new ones.
During the entire process, my teammates were there every step of the way. Whether it was patiently answering my questions or sharing tips and tricks to help move the process along more efficiently. As an organization, Avanceon is guided by a core set of fundamentals that shape and define our company culture. Working with my fellow co-workers, I experienced firsthand our company’s commitment to several of these principals. First- “Be a Buddy.” My teammates are friendly, open and inclusive. Even though I may be less experienced, I was never made to feel less important. Second- “Leave No One Behind.” Avanceon is a team. When we succeed, we succeed together. And when one of us struggles, we all chip in to help overcome the challenge. I was encouraged to ask questions and everyone was open and willing to share their knowledge with me. Finally- “Never Stop Growing.” Learning is a task that can never be checked off the to-do list.
How has learning a new skill, helped you add value to your workplace?
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Natali Velez-Vargas

Proud of you, Sis! Keep doing it how Mom taught us to do it, hard working strong-independent-latinx woman. I am going to practice this skills at my workplace too, as an Agronomist and a Forester. See you soon, lots of love! xoxo

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