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What’s Endorsed Got to Do With It?

When shopping for an integrator to deliver your Wonderware (AVEVA) solution, have you seen those Partner badges that say Certified or Endorsed and wondered what they mean? Or even more, what bearing should they have on your decision about who to pick? For all the details you can see the System Integrator Partner website. But for a quick intro, keep reading.

There are three Partner levels:

Registered: this is the entry level. A registered integrator has registered with their local distributor and received some product training.
Certified: this is the next step up. A Certified integrator has completed Wonderware’s certification process in one or more products, received training in multiple products and demonstrated multiple recent successful Wonderware (AVEVA) implementations.
Endorsed: this is the cream of the crop. An Endorsed integrator maintains certifications on most, if not all, Wonderware (AVEVA) products, demonstrates ongoing successful implementations and maintains a number of business and operational criteria. Also, an integrator can’t sign up to be Endorsed. They must be invited.

At this point, it probably isn’t hard to guess what level partner Avanceon is. Please forgive my trumpeting. But it took a lot of work to reach our Endorsed status and it takes a lot of work to maintain it. We are proud of our partnership with Wonderware and believe it gives us strategic advantages when it comes to delivering solutions using the Wonderware suite of products.

Advantages? What kinds of advantages?

Best of the Best: Because of the rigor involved, Endorsed partners have to be the best of the best. We’ve done the work to demonstrate and maintain our proficiency in all the core products and most of the less common products.
Technical Support: We have the ability to contact not just our distributor for support but also Wonderware (AVEVA) directly. And we know and are known by the support team we reach out to. This ensures that we can get to the right person fast.
Sneak Peaks: We are invited to participate in annual Technical Symposiums which gives us hands-on deep dives into the latest releases. Therefore, we have a greater awareness of all the products and can devise creative solutions to solve your problems.
Influence: We are also invited to participate in beta releases of Wonderware (AVEVA) software, provide feedback and influence the direction of Wonderware (AVEVA) products.

So, what bearing should an integrator’s status have on your decision making progress? I’d like to say, “It’s everything and then some. Therefore, go forward in confidence having selected an Endorsed SI.” But we know it isn’t that simple. The answer is always going to depend on too many factors to even list here. If your solution, however, is going to use any of the Wonderware (AVEVA) products, maybe you should give consideration to an integrator’s partner status and commitment to the product. And if they are Endorsed, you can feel confident, knowing that you’ve got the best of the best handling your project.
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