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Overview of MES and How We Help

The key to solving the challenges facing manufacturers today is the ability to accurately view and react to what is happening on the factory floor. Companies can achieve this visualization – and act on it — by implementing a manufacturing execution system (MES). MES provides the ability to understand and manage the complexities of the modern manufacturing process and enables the potential for greater efficiency in areas such as scheduling, inventory control, product traceability, downtime / uptime, OEE, product specification management, and key performance tracking.

Avanceon supports manufacturers throughout the lifecycle of an MES implementation: from conceptualization and value mapping, to system and requirements definition, technology selection, piloting, implementation, and rollout to all plants and lines. Often in conjunction with design and implementation, Avanceon helps manufacturers define MES standards and practices that provide the overall structure and strategy for system rollout and adoption.
Avanceon recommends Wonderware’s Suite of MES software, including Operations, Performance, Quality, Workflow and Supply Chain Connector, for the implementation of MES solutions.


Agile MES

Avanceon leverages a project execution model based on the Agile Development methodology, which maintains that experiential exposure to scope and functionality solidifies project understanding and ownership. Through prototyping and building actual software (rather than only providing documentation), collaborating with the customer, and responding to change, the final deliverable best meets the users’ actual needs. The deliverable evolves with changing design and brings additional value that may not have been identified at the onset of the project. Agile Development breaks the project into small chunks of functionality known as “sprints”; at the completion of each sprint, we review the function with the customer in order to observe, interact with, and understand what we have developed. “Chunking” allows for a more effective review and discussion around working software rather than documentation. It facilitates understanding of whether the system meets operational needs and clarifies what enhancements can provide the best return on investment. This approach allows both the customer and Avanceon to stay in tune with needs and expectations, continually enhance the system, and manage the shock and impact of change.

Extensions beyond traditional MES

In the real world, every manufacturing operation is different, and so is every operator. Since we understand these real world challenges, Avanceon designs and integrates software that meets our customer’s needs through extension of the MES software platform. We have the ability to implement a solid off-the-shelf package and close any customer specific gaps where needed. We assess the business needs and fit the correct solution to the business problem using a best-in-class approach. Our MES solutions for manufacturing help our clients solve any kind of business problem related to scheduling, lot tracking, inventory control, order management, equipment optimization, production execution, people management, maintenance management, and total quality control.


Wonderware Endorsed Integrator

Avanceon is honored to be included in the Wonderware community’s highest tier of system integrators. Wonderware takes exhaustive steps to ensure that their Endorsed System Integrators are comprehensively trained and certified in multiple areas, providing end-users with an objective, quantitative means for measuring a solution provider’s skills. Only those SIs with proven technical excellence, customer service, and integrity participate in the Endorsed SI program.

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