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Automation Standards

Avanceon is well-known for our comprehensive suite of automation standards. Developed and enhanced over the past 30 years, these standards not only guide our own PLC, HMI, and Electrical Design efforts, but have also been licensed to several Fortune 500 clients. For our clients who have their own automation standards, our engineers are already accustomed to complying with their practices.
The foundation of Avanceon’s success is our disciplined execution of standards, both our own proven standards and our clients’ specific standards. We maintain best practices and standards for every aspect of our business, supporting a structured environment where quality and continuous improvement are prioritized.

Avanceon’s standards provide a consistent, straightforward, easy to understand, and time-proven methodology for developing manufacturing, controls, and MES systems. The strength of the standards extends well beyond their technical merit. Since every associate executes according to the same standards, everyone is reading from the same ‘sheet of music’ and works in concert. Standards provide the basis for the interchange of our technical execution resources, allowing us to meet changing schedules anywhere in the world.
Avanceon’s standards ensure consistent product and project results, make it easier to support and maintain systems, and provide for more flexible and productive systems. Of special significance to our clients, our standards enable Avanceon to deliver value-added solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. All aspects of our projects are managed through strong quality control standards, allowing us to focus on enhanced system features and benefits that generate real-world results for our clients.



Our approach to standards has allowed us to leverage a unique tool. AutoGen™ is an Avanceon software application designed to rapidly and dynamically configure standard PLC code, HMI objects, electrical drawings, and system documentation to meet the clients’ specific set of standards and process design. This approach to application development ensures a consistent product and allows Avanceon’s engineers more time to focus on the project’s specific business or process problem.