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Project Consulting

Avanceon is often engaged early in the project design process to help provide vision, structure, innovation and guidance to the overall charter and return on investment calculations. We provide early project deliverables to set a foundation of understanding and a strong automation and MES plan. The resultant deliverables include:

Approach to Automation / Information Systems
Project Feasibility
User Requirements
Prototype Design Development / Proof of Concept

Vision and Roadmap Planning

Avanceon provides consulting services to help manufacturers determine an overall roadmap and vision plan for their automation and information systems. This process relies first on developing a clear and concise capture of the automation environment’s current state and operational process (be it manual or not yet optimized). Once a baseline is established, the planning and envision process is executed. This roadmap addresses automation, process, information systems, operational structure and allocation, visibility, organizational workflow, and mobile innovations. Upon completion, the customer will have a 360 degree view of their process and people with a five-year plan to transform their efficiency by leveraging technology for business return.

Consulting – Manufacturing Assessment and Analysis
System Remediation – Mom would approve: we cleaned up the mess.
Consulting Rock Star Moment
Someone else had done the implementation. But the customer asked Avanceon to come in and check it out – and that was a good idea. Over only a few days we helped clean up what had been a messy install – we set up redundant I/O servers, added necessary tags, and fixed broken graphics published to a server. The customer was so pleased with the Avanceon resource that he tried to fix up his daughter with him. We’re not revealing further details…. More moments

Manufacturing Innovation Consulting

Innovation Challenges?

It’s great to have everything up and running. But if the way you’re running today is the same way you’ll be running tomorrow, you may find your company left behind. Avanceon can help you prevent that from happening: our Manufacturing Innovation Consulting provides you with a fresh set of eyes — senior consulting expertise to assess current processes, people, and technology, identify opportunities, and present plans to address them. And we won’t limit our analyses to issues solvable by automation and/or data solutions: our experience teaches us that frequently, a non-technical solution will do the trick. An inquiry by a seasoned, objective expert frequently uncovers opportunity that wouldn’t appear otherwise.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a complete analysis of your processes and people and a realistic plan to transform them. And since we determine the cost of this service by the size of the project, just about any manufacturing company can benefit from it.