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Our Fundamentals reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These values form the bedrock of our company culture. They guide the way we work, ensuring a uniquely awesome experience for our partners, our customers and our associates.

Choose to Win
Sub-consciously, we all choose our fate in daily decisions. Consciously choose to think positively in order to excel and be a winner by persevering and overcoming the obstacles in your path.
Never Stop Growing
Never a failure, always a lesson. Learning is a task that can never be checked off the to-do list. Add value by continuing to grow your knowledge both personally and professionally and by applying the lessons you learn and not repeating the past. Share and proliferate the knowledge that we gain to others.
Walk a Mile in their Shoes
Treat the problem and needs as if they are your own as if you had to deal with the results forever. Understand, empathize and care.
Be Curious, Ask Why
The what, when and how are important but the why makes all the difference. First understand the “why” behind the request or question. The why unlocks the most potential value in the solution we offer.
Add Value
Don’t just do what they ask for, understand what they need and solve for both their realized and unrealized problems.
Find Business Balance
Avanceon is focused on 3 things: our customer, our people and our business. Don’t be tempted to forsake one for the other.
No Surprises
Identify, flesh out and communicate issues and outcomes (both real and potential) and discuss them even if they are unpopular or uncomfortable. Follow up and consistently close out these problems.
Be Engaging
When issues, opportunities or problems arise, display urgency and talk in person or pick up the phone. Memorialize key decisions to strengthen engagement.
Do Good vs Look Good
Doing good is focusing on the outcome and end goal, regardless of whose fault it is or who gets the credit. We need to make them successful, not be right.
Accentuate the positive
We all help to create our work environment, so let's make it positive! Find the opportunity in all events and help others to do so. Squash negativity and don't enable poor behaviors and decisions.
Appreciate, Celebrate and Enjoy (ACE)
Find times to celebrate the small and large wins. Laugh every day. Create a positive environment through camaraderie.
Give the benefit of the doubt
Work from the assumption that people’s intent is good. Set aside your own bias and preconceived notions and give them the benefit of the doubt.
Speak Up
Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. We all have the opportunity to contribute regardless of your role in the company. Don't just let it pass by because it is not "in your lane".
Lead by example
Walk the talk. Emulate the qualities and behaviors that you expect from others.
Don't be That Guy
We all know That Guy. The guy who leaves dishes in the sink. The girl who doesn’t shut the door while on a conference call. We’re all That Guy sometimes. By being more aware of how our actions impact others, we maintain our awesomeness.
Be a buddy
A buddy is someone who is friendly, open, and inclusive. There are no cliques or exclusive clubs at Avanceon. We treat everyone warmly, as a friend and colleague.
Leave no one behind
Avanceon is a team. When we succeed, we succeed together. And when one of us struggles, we all chip in to help overcome the challenge. If you have a problem you can’t solve, someone else probably knows something that will help, and if you have the answer, share it.
Work hard, play hard
At Avanceon, our success is based directly on the output of our people. When we all work hard and put focus, commitment and enthusiasm into our work, the benefits extend far beyond a successful project or a happy customer. Working hard creates opportunities to have fun and celebrate our success.
Accountability starts with “I”
Ask yourself “What can I do to make what I am involved with the most successful?” By taking responsibility for yourself and your own actions/decisions, you manage risk and prevent unwanted results or consequences for our team.
Listen you shall
Listening is an important part of growing strong relationships with our customers, co-workers and partners. If we take the time to listen and verify what we’ve heard, we will better understand their real needs, how to deliver, and how to be successful. Everyone knows what happens when you assume.

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