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Avanceon’s deep experience in packaging spans the breadth of our existence. Our value in this area encompasses the implementation and integration of systems from empty container to filling and through finished goods to the warehouse. Packaging lines typically are focused on ensuring quality control, consistent fill level, solid OEE, stable integration between OEM equipment(s) and overall line efficiency.

Systems of note include:

Packaging Line Integration – OEM to OEM
Coordination and assurance that the line works in concert with each piece of equipment.
Conveyor Control (Line Speed Management and Interlock)
Proper attention to speed, balance and collision avoidance.
Defect, Detect & Reject
Verification of proper quality attributes via vision, laser, weight and other sensing technology.
Can / Bottle / Bag Filling
Management and active control of fill levels and weight for proper product efficacy.
Depalletizing / Palletizing
Management of diverse pallet and case configurations against a large database of SKU’s.
Case Packing
Proper quality control balanced by production speed to ensure the accurate loading of cases as well as back pressure management.
Pallet Transfer and Management
Traffic control and coordination of full product loads.
Inventory Reconciliation to Finished Goods
Coordination and handshaking between systems to ensure accurate case and pallet reconciliation to WMS.
Our team can maximize your system’s accuracy and efficiency while minimizing waste and downtime. We can develop a customized solution for quality control issues at any point in the packaging manufacturing process.