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Culture Pays Off: Attract and keep your talent with a Winning Culture

As an HR professional, it is mission critical to attract and keep good talent.  I’m lucky to work in an organization that has focused on building and living a culture that accomplishes both.   Developing and maintaining such a culture takes vision and commitment.  The pay-off is a team that works well together and a positive work environment.  How can you establish this type of organizational culture?  Here are a few of the steps that Avanceon takes to create our (following statement is biased) “awesome culture”.
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Communication in Isolation: How Calls Can Build Community

Over the last few months, pretty much all of our daily work routines  were disrupted.   We’ve been forced to adapt and create new ways of successfully completing projects. While making the best of a bad situation, I have picked up a few skills and techniques that I will apply going forward. One very positive change has been an attempt at more open, direct communication with customers and coworkers as opposed to impersonal email exchanges.
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Gratitude Matters

With the disruption of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself with time to catch my breath and reflect on what matters most to me. In the stillness, it became quite apparent that I had much to be grateful for during this unsettling time.As I embraced all that I was grateful for in my personal life, I began to think of my coworkers. I thought about how they made a positive impact on me through their words of thanks and encouragement, team player and can-do attitudes, and willingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Gratitude in the workplace improves company culture, strengthens teams, motivates associates, increases job satisfaction, and creates a positive work environment, to name just a few benefits
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Manufacturing Data: “Like a Mule with a Spinning Wheel”

Manufacturing data. As The Simpsons’ Lyle Lanley once quipped to the assembled residents of Springfield, it’s “a little like the mule with a spinning wheel.  No one knows how he got it and dang if he knows how to use it.” Except this mule has, like, a LOT of spinning wheels. Industrial Historians are now ubiquitous at most manufacturers, data storage is cheap and many folks grab any and all tags they can find and send them to the Historian in case they ‘need them.’
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#ChiliThoughts – Cooking up a Project

Recently I was preparing an entry for Avanceon’s annual Chili Cook-off (recipe below), and I started thinking about how engineers tend to make good home chefs. The analytical mind craves to understand how things work; this can include cooking techniques and ingredient combinations. Two of my inspirations in the kitchen are Alton Brown (host of Good Eats) and Kenji J Lopez Alt (editor of Serious Eats). Both offer more than just recipes; they provide data driven insights into the cooking process. They explain much more than the how, and dive into the why that I need. If you’re a food nerd like me, I highly recommend checking them out.
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