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The Journey of Reviving an Un-Commented Code

What do you do, when your scope of work for a project is to re-write an old PLC code in a newer software version, but there is a major roadblock holding you back? This is the position I recently found myself in. The code I was given had no routine names, no tag labels, and no rung comments!
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Manufacturing Innovation – Who do the little guys turn to?

In today’s world, small to mid-sized manufacturing companies are in a difficult spot when they consider how to take the correct steps towards adopting new technology or business processes.  They do not have easy access to industry experts and consultants like their bigger siblings in Fortune 1000 ranks.  Based on this gap in exposure, they often struggle to get insight into trends, opportunities and innovation for where to best invest. To confuse the issue further, they are bombarded by a myriad of technology vendors with point solutions that are very specific to a particular need but do not provide a cure for all that ails them.  They know they should tweak and tune their manufacturing processes, but struggle to transition their business from the prior manufacturing approaches to those of a lean culture.
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The (Online) Office Book Club

Office book clubs are a great way to build comradery while discovering new reads. Our club was born as a result of a conversation in passing, and has since grown a group of ten that’s been meeting for lunch for four years. How do we run our book club?
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Continued Learning Part 2 – Enter the MOOC

MOOC is a term that’s still new for a lot of people, though the concept of online learning is certainly well established. A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, although the term is sometimes also applied to the platforms and companies that offer them. It’s all right there in the name – these are courses designed for a potentially unlimited number of students, available to anyone, via the web.
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Downtime During Overnight Support: What to do, what to do?

Most of us have been there.  Three in the morning, sitting by yourself on the plant floor listening to machines hum away without any issues.   After so much hard work, it’s great to relax, right?  Or could this idyllic scene actually be a bad thing?
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