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Approaching my 1st anniversary at Avanceon, I was thinking about all of the new things I had learned over the course of the year. Nearly every day, I encountered new challenges. There were technologies that I had never worked with before and new programs that, at first seemed so foreign, the thought of mastering them seemed impossible. But here I am today, confident in my abilities to handle any sort of situation that may come my way. So, how did I get here? Did I just throw my hands up, walk away, and quit whenever I was stumped? Of course not. I’m an engineer. We’re problem solvers. So, for the next new engineer who comes along, I thought I’d put together a list of tips to help you get your bearings, by telling you what I did to find mine.
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CIP Security: How Does it Work?

Cyber Security is a critical topic that every manufacturer should consider addressing (or have already addressed to some extent). Here is some interesting perspective on CIP Security from our local partner Rumsey Electric.  If you have questions or want to share your perspective, please reach out to us.
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Short on Resources? The Benefits of Bringing in a Partner for Assessment and Project Planning

Manufacturers are short on time.  They have goals, ideas and plans in abundance, but lack the time and perhaps someone to lean and rely on to realize their objectives.  Operational and cost constraints have resulted in reduced staff for many companies, sometimes creating gaps in knowledge.  While they used to be able to plan initiatives for improvements internally, now they’re pulled in too many different directions.  How can these manufacturers maximize opportunities for improvement when time isn’t on their side?
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Too Much To Do, Too Little Time To Do It: Learning to Manage Your Time

“Too many things on your plate.” “Seems like you are juggling a lot of things.” “I have a lot to do this week, where do I begin?”  These are some of the phrases I’ve been hearing and using a lot lately. As a project coordinator, many of my tasks are time sensitive and handling multiple projects can be daunting. I’m always looking for new ways to manage my time better. Recently, I’ve started listening to podcasts and Ted Talks to gain some perspective on how to work more efficiently. Some things I’ve learned:
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Giving Back: a.k.a. A Fun Fundraiser

At Avanceon, we strongly believe in giving back to the community. Each year, we vote for 3 local charities to support with the company matching the amount raised and then disbursing the gift at the end of the year. Throughout the year, employees have the option to participate in a variety of activities to raise money. We’re always looking for fresh ideas for fun fundraisers and recently we found a great one.
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