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OT Vision Planning: Forward planning prevents regret when looking backward

The OT world is moving.  Fast.  So fast that many struggle to clean up yesterday’s messes while trying to manage todays.  Few are able to consider tomorrow, yet alone sit down and create a plan for the next 3 to 5 years.
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Benefits of a Modern Dashboard for Manufacturing Plants

In today’s manufacturing world, data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in the decision making processes. Since the goal of any manufacturing plant is to produce the correct amount of product, as safely and efficiently as possible, Manufacturers need to constantly look for ways to continually improve. A modern dashboard is one such way to take raw production line data and present it in a way that it becomes useful information for various system stakeholders such as plant management, operations, and maintenance. This blog will go over some of the many benefits of a well-designed plant dashboard.
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Transitioning from Intern to Engineer: Leveraging Lessons Learned

After starting a full-time position as an entry level engineer, there is no shortage of new concepts, procedures, and technologies to learn and familiarize myself with. In addition to these technical hurdles to leap over, there is also the need to adapt to the culture and environment of your workplace. It can be hard to relate to your new colleagues without making an effort to getting to know them professionally. Managing all of these tasks simultaneously can be overwhelming, especially for a fresh engineer who has minimal or no professional experience in their field. Fortunately, my personal experience as a new entry level engineer was not as daunting as it may seem, since I started this development process earlier as an engineering intern.
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Building a Digital Knowledge Infrastructure

We’ve been hearing for a while about the growing experience gap that manufacturers face, as the longest-tenured operations experts claim their gold pocket watches and head off into the sunset. This is true for engineers, technicians, and operators who represent a trifecta of wisdom that manufacturing companies will be hard pressed to replace.
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Good Team Members are Great Assets

Some of the best things about working 40 hours every week is that we are surrounded by colleagues and friends. And, even better, sometimes our colleagues become our friends! Below is a list of ways to be a top team member and how your team efforts can significantly impact the workplace in a positive way.
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