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Testing, Testing. Developing, Developing: Discovering Test Driven Development

Back in 2003, Kent Beck and David Astels first proposed the concept of Test Driven Development, or TDD, as a new approach to develop project code.
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Recommendations for Drawing Files

Documentation organization is the kryptonite of many manufacturing plants. Having up to date, accurate and organized drawing sets are a common source of frustration in plant Engineering and IT departments.
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Winter is Coming!

A few years ago, I wrote a blog complaining about surviving the office in the summer months. How do you stay focused when it’s so bright and cheery outside? I found a few tips to make it bearable and I realized that coming to work in the light, leaving in the light, and still having time to do annoying happy things like walk the dog (in the light) and hang out with my teenagers (I always recommend daylight for time spent with teenagers) wasn’t so bad. By the end of summer I realized something, summer wasn’t so bad, but get ready, Winter was Coming!
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Bringing tidings of Comfort & Joy!

Everything Old is New Again

We have a blatant repurposing of a recent State Farm commercial on our website where we talk about the 30 year plus history of our company. The line goes, “We started our business when MTV played music videos, a gallon of gas was under a dollar and control systems used “real” relays. As a result, we have seen a lot, done a lot, know a lot and have learned a lot of lessons that we can apply to your project or program.” I see the reality of this concept  reinforced on at least a weekly basis and I believe we should seriously consider adding the words “and we’ve created a lot of great relationships along the way” to the statement.
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