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Accessing the Far Netherworlds of Automation

Sometimes it seems like circumstances conspire against us and thwarts our efforts to help our customers. In particular, I’m thinking of a couple of our customers that we do break / fix support for. Since they don’t have strong IT infrastructure, any changes or troubleshooting has to be completed remotely. While it’s not that far to their location, because we have to deploy to engage, we are often called in onsite when they have no other options. That means the customer needs to fully identify the issue as accurately as they can, have different internal resources take a crack at it and then bring us in. While that may all happen in less than a day’s or shift’s time, that period that the facility is down or degraded versus the five minutes it sometimes takes us to get them up and running feels way too inefficient.
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Pre-Project Consulting Role for SI

What makes a successful automation project?
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Growth Mindset and the Power of Yet

One of the first things I was told when applying to Avanceon is that I would need to be willing to learn. I was ready and willing to take on any challenge—which was good, because the job was incredibly difficult at first. I wanted to prove that Avanceon had made a good decision in hiring me, which made it so much more frustrating when I struggled with some of the training. I questioned my abilities, my resolve, and whether Avanceon had made the right choice.
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WFH: Certain to be the most popular acronym of 2020

For many people, the COVID-19 Pandemic is the first time they find themselves working from home for an extended period (or maybe ever!).
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The Training without Application Blues

We’ve all been there. You receive some scheduled training (probably even had to travel for it), only to not have to apply it for another six months. Maybe that was the only time the training was available. But the session was a while ago and you weren’t able to start the work and apply the skill until today. By now, the vast majority of what you remember / scribbled down doesn’t mean a whole lot. You struggle through trying to make those notes from long ago coincide with the task that you are now presented with and it’s a bit painful. Maybe even more than a bit.
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