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First Time in the Field

The first time in the field- it’s a very exciting moment for a new engineer. There are a million questions racing through your mind. Are all the travel arrangements taken care of? Do you have all of the documents needed for the project? Most importantly, is the project complete and ready to go to the field? If the answers are “yes,” then it’s time to go to the plant, implement the code and be done, right?
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Work Hard, Play Hard

What makes a great company culture? At Avanceon, we have a defined set of fundamentals that reflect what is truly important to us as a company. These core values form the bedrock of our company culture. While each of our fundamentals is important to the overall culture of our company, my personal favorite is: “Work hard, play hard.”
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Meeting Minutes: more than just a task

Ask people what their least-favorite role is in business meetings, and you’re likely to get a pretty common answer: taking the minutes.

No one likes taking minutes.
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Ever have any Raspberry Pi?

That’s not a typo, or a misspelling, or a reference to a waistline-expanding treat: According to its website, “Raspberry Pi” is the name of “a small and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming.” Over the past few years I’ve been having some fun looking at how to adapt Raspberry Pi for both home and industrial applications. Often thought of as a controller replacement (which it can certainly be), the Raspberry Pi is also an interesting tool because it allows for simple connectivity for communication and data collection. I wanted to share with you some of the personal and professional applications I’ve developed.
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Give in to Peer Pressure!

I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
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