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#ChiliThoughts – Cooking up a Project

Recently I was preparing an entry for Avanceon’s annual Chili Cook-off (recipe below), and I started thinking about how engineers tend to make good home chefs. The analytical mind craves to understand how things work; this can include cooking techniques and ingredient combinations. Two of my inspirations in the kitchen are Alton Brown (host of Good Eats) and Kenji J Lopez Alt (editor of Serious Eats). Both offer more than just recipes; they provide data driven insights into the cooking process. They explain much more than the how, and dive into the why that I need. If you’re a food nerd like me, I highly recommend checking them out.
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The (Virtual) Grand Tour: Getting Creative with Restrictions

There is no doubt that recent circumstances around the coronavirus and related restrictions have required service companies, like Avanceon, to pivot, adjust and adapt to answer the question, “How can we operate in a way that delivers the same (or better) level of service to our customers?” One way, is to use the tools we already have, in new and creative ways.
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Collaboration: Coming Together for Success

Starting a new job can be difficult. Whether it’s your first day at a new company, your first job in a new industry or your first step into the working world, all job transitions will certainly include one thing: new challenges. What to do when overwhelmed by the unfamiliar? Consider collaboration.
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Teamwork, as easy as driving a car

I am not much of a car person. In fact, getting me from point A to point B without breaking down are the most important parts of a car, (and heated seats are pretty much mandatory). Nevertheless, cars are amazing machines; they have many parts and take armies of people to put together. Henry Ford, best known for creating the first vehicle available to the masses, did not succeed on his own. He knew he needed a team to take his vision from a dream to reality.
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Physical vs Virtual: Who wins in the battle of the servers?

In the battles of the servers, which comes out on top: physical or virtual?  When setting up a new host, which should you choose?  How should you decide?  Both options have their strengths and weaknesses.  Key factors include:
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