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Staying – Career Blog Series Pt 2

In my “Do What You Want” blog, I proposed that the perceived need to job hop every few years is a false one, and that it’s actually doing us harm by creating stress and making us leave perfectly good jobs.
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Do What You Want – Career Blog Series Pt 1

It’s accepted wisdom that most professionals, especially those pesky millennials, will and/or should change jobs every 3 to 5 years. It’s generally agreed that this is the “new” way to send your career into overdrive, rake in dump trucks full of money, and gain the undying admiration of your peers.
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Partnering for the Win

Our company is an amalgamation of many individuals’ experiences and knowledge. Much like Liam Neeson, we have “a very particular set of skills; skills (we) have acquired over a very long career.” As an organization, we succeed by recognizing and focusing on those skills or core competencies which we are the best at and have the most expertise in.
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The Break-Fix Solution: Supporting an Automation System

Every automation system eventually develops a situation requiring advanced engineering support. This type of “break-fix support” may be due to any number of causes — power outages, server maintenance, operator error, etc. But no matter what the root issue turns out to be, sooner or later, every system will need it. And that’s why it’s equally sure that here at Avanceon, all our engineers will at some point find themselves helping to support customers and keep their manufacturing processes running.
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#PlantLife – What would you say you do here?

My Mom always says that the first thing she thinks of when she hears me talk about my job at manufacturing sites is the famous “Chocolate Factory” scene from “I Love Lucy”. You’ve probably seen it: the job starts out manageable, with just one chocolate truffle coming down the line at a time. Lucy grabs it, wraps it, and moves on to the next truffle. She’s able to handle the candy wrapping just fine. Soon, however, the machine begins pumping out chocolates at a much higher volume. Lucy quickly becomes completely overwhelmed and desperately eats the chocolates or hides them in her shirt.
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