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A Tale of Two Nic(k)s

Avanceon has been awarded as a “Top Workplace” in the Philadelphia area since 2017. Once they are hired, many people stay long term based on the exciting solutions we provide and the awesome people they work with. Nic Imfeld and Nick Francone are no exception to this. They both began here as interns and have steadily climbed the ladder over the years. Besides their names, their paths have been surprisingly similar.

The Nic(k)s began their careers at Avanceon by interning. Nick Francone joined us while attending high school. One of his teachers, seeing that he was superb at hardwiring motor controls, approached him during his junior year and asked if he wanted to try interning at a local integration company. He ecstatically took the position and was delighted to learn that he would also dabble in PLCs and industrial automation – two curiosities he knew little to nothing about. This internship continued through his college years.
Over a decade before this, Nic Imfeld accidentally applied to Avanceon during his freshman year of college. When it came time to apply for internships, Imfeld believes he may have clicked on the wrong class year as his university’s portal wasn’t the clearest. He suspects had he clicked on his correct year, he would have never set foot in Avanceon. This “error” has granted him 23 years (and counting) employment while the other Nick is still getting his proverbial “feet wet” at 8 years in. Both men enjoyed their internship experience, flourishing in them until their college educations were complete. When asked if they ever considered working elsewhere, Francone admitted to doing a bit more research than Imfeld.
Towards the middle of his college career, rooted by curiosity, Francone researched other job possibilities. After some research, he realized he enjoyed Avanceon employees, their different customers, and the exciting work too much to leave it. Imfeld also enjoyed the company. As a 23-year-old, he felt there wasn’t much need to look for something different when he was already energized with Avanceon. However, he never would’ve imagined that this decision would put him on track for staying with Avanceon for the next two plus decades. Avanceon simply made sense at the time and still does today. Similarly, Francone, 8 years in, foresees himself making a career here. He looks to climb up the ladder and is very pleased with the way things have been progressing. He’s been presented with many unique opportunities and enjoys his projects which have allowed him to meet people with many different backgrounds.
A key component of Avanceon summer internship program is summer work and a commitment to continue working for the company parttime in the school year and during breaks. Through his performance, Avanceon management was so impressed with Francone’s dedication and abilities that they offered to hire him full-time before he graduated. Imfeld’s undergrad was through a 5-year program which allowed him to take classes for half the year and intern with Avanceon the rest of the term. Through that program, Imfeld completed his university education with 1.5 years of real work experience and, like Francone, an offer to join the team full-time.
Both Nic(k)s were not only drawn to Avanceon because of the intriguing work but enjoyed the people they worked with. The associates always were fun cohorts in terms of entertainment, similar interests, and a passion for innovative solutions. Furthermore, both regularly played ping pong – a diversion many Avanceon employees participated in. Imfeld diligently played every Friday in his early years. Francone on the other hand was “gently encouraged” to join in the fun as the interns used to sit near the ping pong table. After being hit by the ball several times, he gave in and joined the fun.
Regardless of their different paths to internship, Avanceon is honored to have both Nic(k)s on board. They have grown and contributed at a high level throughout the years. Today Imfeld, as an Operations Manager, leads two of our business units. Francone is a Project Engineer and Project Lead with ever growing responsibilities. We are excited to see where life will take them as they continue to excel with the opportunities provided by Avanceon. We are always looking for similar people to help take up the reins, mesh with our team and push Avanceon further into the future.
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