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As you may know Avanceon has been a leader in the systems integration market for nearly 40 years. What started in a small office complex in Eagle, Pennsylvania in 1984 has grown to over 70 associates making up a vibrant, innovative, and customer focused company dedicated to solving some of the most complex OT challenges in industrial automation and information system. We have had a lot of excitement over those 39 years but 2023 has brought a new and exhilarating change. VINCI Energies has recently acquired us, under the Actemium global network which consists of over 1,800 similar engineering and integration companies. Our focus on Digital Transformation will now be amplified through VINCI Energies as we continue to serve every layer of the Automation Pyramid from electrical design up through MES.

VINCI Energies, our new parent, is a 20 billion dollar company dating back to the 1890s. Being part of VINCI Energies will allow us to scale up to the next level and begin a new chapter of our growth. We are very excited to join the Actemium network as they share a common passion for our original company charter: Continually expanding the business value of the solutions we provide and making our customers and people successful in all we do together.
Avanceon now folds under the Actemium brand and continues to operate 100% in the fashion and manner as you have come to historically appreciate from us. Avanceon’s acquisition by VINCI Energies brings USA scale and coverage to VINCI Energies as they look to expand more in our region. In addition to maintaining operations, the VINCI relationship brings an added financial depth to us beyond that of an independent Avanceon. Complementary is a number of additional VINCI Energies services/divisions for manufacturing companies that are not in Avanceon’s set of services today. If you are interested in more information regarding this change or are interested in learning more about our additional services and scale.


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Actemium Marketing Visit

Michelle S. visited from VINCI Energies to learn more about our marketing department and approach to sharing our company with the market. Additionally, plans were set in motion as how we will fit into Actemium. After a good meeting, as all collaborations must end, we concluded the day with a spectacular dinner.


VINCE IT Transition

We were joined by an IT team from Paris and Toronto to review our systems and plan for our onboarding to the VINCI IT domain. This is all part of Avanceon’s growth and transition into VINCI Energies and Actemium.


Axians USA visits Avanceon

Recently, we had an enlightening and synergistic visit with Axians USA, an IT focused partner inside our new VINCI Energies network. We are excited for future collaborations and innovation between the two of us. Thank you for visiting and welcoming Avanceon to the network!


A Special Welcome from Actemium Nancy

Adam Moubdi from Actemium Nancy came from France to welcome us to the Actemium brand and network! We spent much time collaborating future opportunities with them. They also brought us a bottle of Ruinart Champagne Blanc De Blancs, one of the many companies they work in partnership with. We’re thrilled for this new beginning!


VINCI Energies acquires Avanceon LLC in USA

VINCI Energies acquires Avanceon LLC., an Industrial Controls and System Integration company in the USA with their office in Exton, Pennsylvania and resources throughout the country. Avanceon provides Project Management, Controls Integration and Manufacturing IT services for clients in a wide variety of industries. With this acquisition, VINCI Energies further expands its industrial business portfolio in the USA.