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Over the past few years and for the foreseeable future, the manufacturing industry has been dealing with the perfect storm of the drain of the retiring baby-boomer knowledge base, staff reductions to control costs and maintain competitive position, and the exponential increase of technology in manufacturing. These variables and constraints have created a significant lack of resources available to maintain, repair, and improve control and information system assets on a day to day basis. Based on this need, Avanceon offers help and augmentation services to support all aspects of a manufacturer’s control and information systems regardless of the time of day or day of the year.

We focus on preparing our clients for how to address and successfully deal with downtime emergencies and the need for system improvement as well as address any gaps in their coverage. Our support services help our clients minimize the amount of time their systems are inoperable. Whether you need help answering a complex technology question, understanding the cause of your downtime, or your own on-staff engineer is unreachable; utilizing our Support Services will help keep your manufacturing processes up and running smoothly.


24×7 Support

With an emphasis of “being there when you can’t be”, Avanceon’s 24X7 support services provide the required level of resources and response to keep your facility up and running. Our support engineers can provide a wide range of service from being your complete one stop resource for all your emergency needs to playing an expert role in your internal support and maintenance structure, or to providing an option to your existing team should vacations, leave of absence, or abrupt employee departure cause you to be limited in coverage.
Avanceon’s support team can provide value in the areas of control and MES system troubleshooting, diagnostics, and break / fix repair to “get you up and running” in short order. This team of skilled engineers supports systems that Avanceon develops or commissions as well as systems that other resources have provided. We have a structured approach to assess needs, gather information, and create a system of access to allow Avanceon to meet any needed service level regardless of the plant’s location in the world.
This support service is designed to meet the needs of the immediate plant issues and keep the facility operating at the highest level of efficiency.

System Support – A definite thriller: fixing the chiller killer
Support Rock Star Moment
We love making our customer partners become Rock Stars. That’s what happened when a pharmaceutical company’s chiller system failed unexpectedly. We arrived at the site, quickly pitched in to determine the cause, and fixed everything in short order. There was very little downtime, and our friend at the company was the hero for having an Avanceon “ace” up his sleeve. More moments


Engineering Block of Time

Due to head count constraints or limited need for a full time resource, Avanceon has developed an engineering augmentation service that allows for manufacturers to have a fixed “block of hours” (BOH) for an Avanceon resource to address items and tasks from the plant control or MES system “laundry list” of improvements. Due to limited internal resource bandwidth, these areas of improvement or maintenance will often go unaddressed until they manifest into severe problems causing downtime or worse, major feeling of dissatisfaction from Plant Operations.
Avanceon has developed the BOH service to allow the customer to select the level of service from the level of need of the facility. Ranging from eight (8) to one hundred sixty (160) hours per month per individual, the options and the potential of the service are limitless.
Avanceon’s MES solutions address the key areas of a manufacture’s functions (Operations, Performance, and Quality).  These key modules encompass the following functions:

Training & Guidance Sessions
Control System Enhancements & New Functions
Reporting Additions & Presentation
Control & MES Backup / Version Management
Network Maintenance / Testing
Database Clean Up / Backup
Training – Sometimes it doesn’t take much, but we always do what it takes.
Training Rock Star Moment
We love making Rock Stars among our customers. Sometimes, it only takes a little extra – like when we gave a special tutorial to one of our customer’s engineerers. It gave him the knowledge he needed to present the new system features to his VP of Operations, who was mightily impressed. It didn’t take much – and it wasn’t part of the training scope — but it’s the sort of thing that makes us a trusted advisor and not just another vendor. More moments