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The possibilities to harness the power of the technical advances of I4.0 are limitless but each company’s priority, needs and possible application path are different.

What does it look like for you? Are you looking at your version of I4.0 to:

Leverage the Internet of Things to control, gather data and make decisions from places in your process you wished you could connect to but never had the means?
Use Data Analytics to anticipate and predict issues before they occur?
Couple and directly connect production equipment to drive efficiency?
Allow your people to visualize and interact with the entire systems?
Or are you just looking for the right plan to capitalize on the benefits of this exciting new generation of technology?
Avanceon drives Industry 4.0 solutions with the perspective and lessons learned from our 30+ years delivering new and innovative automation and IT solutions for manufacturing. We apply the new technologies and infinite capabilities of I4.0 to expand and bring to life functions in connection, integration, and analysis that were only dreamed about in years prior. IoT, contextual visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, wireless platforms and Cloud are powerful tools that, when applied with the right considerations of human element and change impact, can be game changers for efficiency and competitive advantage in manufacturing. Avanceon is the right partner to bring the best of I4.0 to bear while making sure adoption is cemented in concrete practices and support structure.
Ask us about our approach and what we can do for you.
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