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Contextual Manufacturing Information

Data is a precious thing in today’s world. Like the dragon Smaug from Tolkien’s classic The Hobbit, everyone looks for it, covets it, gathers it and then hordes it. We value the data so much that we have coined terms like “Big Data” to quantify the stockpiles that exist is some far away “Lonely Mountain” vault.

Unfortunately, just like Smaug’s gold, 99% of the manufacturing data collected and stored in the “vault” goes unused and untapped. It sits in corporate and plant servers waiting for the day when someone will come and unlock its hidden potential. The data lies in wait for context and meaning to unlock its production and financial secrets.


Predictive Analytics

Avanceon has spent over 30 years contributing to the collection of “big data” in manufacturing through the systems we’ve deployed. We have watched our customers struggle to fully harness and understand what the data could tell them. Those days of watching have passed. Today we have the tools coupled up with Industry 4.0 experience to reveal your data’s potential.
Avanceon offers a complete set of Data Analytics services and solutions that extract the meaning and reasons behind what occurs in your plant. Our algorithms provide historical context to how you are performing and provide predictive information to allow action before a problem is realized.


Industry 4.0

We have a team of data scientists that have developed specific solutions that can be implemented on top of your existing data set to provide information and context, including:

Cost Calculator
Show in real time as well as historically your product’s True Production Cost
Schedule Optimization
Optimally balance your production schedule based on your rules and criteria
Predictive Maintenance
Predict system failures before they stop production
Control Loop Prediction
Show how to drive value from PID loops that are in manual mode vs. the goal of automation operation
In addition to our pre-configured analytics, we also can develop specific, data driven solutions to business challenges.
In today’s manufacturing world we don’t need to collect data for data’s sake. Today we leverage data through analytics for business return.
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