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Automation Trends: From Buzzwords to Real Needs – 3/2023

Avanceon’s President Matt Ruth spoke about importance of connecting all assets together from Ethernet to OT. He explains that this connection allows manufacturers to have a greater insight into the equipment itself.
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Put Your Cyber Defenses Up Before They Take You Down – 2/1/2022

As cyber attacks escalate, the food and beverage sector eyes a fresh course of action to safeguard operations and prevent disruptions to the supply chain.
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Driving Innovation in Antiquated NJ Wastewater SCADA Upgrades – 2022

Overcoming restrictions for Cape May project.
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How can manufacturers get the most out of their plant data? – 11.27.21

Avanceon’s Brian Fenn outlines how manufacturing organizations can optimize their existing Microsoft technology investments to gain new insights from the data they already gather
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