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1984… Back when MTV played music videos. When a gallon of gas was under a dollar. And control systems used “real” relays. This was our beginning. That was many years and many “miles” of amazing projects solving customer’s problems. As a result, we have seen a lot, done a lot, know a lot, and have learned many lessons that we can apply to projects and programs.

Bob Zeigenfuse founded Avanceon, originally Advanced Automation Associates, in 1984. He assembled a team of skilled, adept, and friendly associates that had a vision to create a progressive system integration company with a focus towards providing manufacturing automation services that were dedicated to customer and employee alike. Avanceon was built to deliver seamless solutions that exceeds the customer’s expectations. This philosophy remains the foundation of our services.
Avanceon began in a small office complex in Eagle, Pennsylvania. Our focus was on control and electrical integration. Today we are based in Exton, PA, serving every layer of the Automation Pyramid from electrical design up to MES. Today we are the professional home to nearly 100 hard-working associates. Our recent acquisition by VINCI Energies has engaged us in the Actemium global network of over 1,800 similar engineering and integration companies.
Our parent, VINCI Energies, is a near 20 billion dollar company dating back to the 1890s. Being part of VINCI Energies provides the scale and depth to take Avanceon to the next level and chapter of our story. For today, tomorrow, and always we strive to live up to our original charter: Continually expanding the business value of the solutions we provide and making our customers and people successful in all we do together.