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The global pharmaceutical supply chain is increasingly complex, leading to a marked rise in counterfeiting, product recalls, diversion and reimbursement fraud. To manage these risks, many governments around the world have enacted legislation to ensure the protection of the drug supply chain. The combined impact of these supply-chain issues is considerable for any manufacturer in the life sciences industry.

As a result of the requirements, manufacturers are asking 3 key questions:

Have you considered the depth and scope of compliance with the ever-changing market regulations regarding serialization?
Are you currently prepared to respond to a suspect event? How long would it take you to find the data you need?
Can you recover from the financial impact of being unprepared?
Avanceon has developed an approach to alleviate these concerns. The solution is designed to improve your data’s integrity while providing you with standardization and visibility across your entire enterprise. It enables faster set-up, greater process control and real-time, meaningful understanding of packaging line performance, driving improved efficiency and cost reduction. The solution is built upon proven industry leading technologies and provides:
A complete End to End solution
Easy Integration within your enterprise and supply chain
Configurable vs. Customizable – saves you time and money to implement
Hardware Agnostic – works with existing hardware and OEM equipment on your line
Flexibility – makes it easy to add additional requirements and regulations to your line when the need arises
Actionable Business Intelligence – provides the necessary information to make wise decisions
Avanceon, as the overall Serialization Integrator, provides a complete solution with end to end responsibility for your project, offering you:
One point of contact for all your serialization implementation needs
GAMP-based execution methodology
The breadth to serve a global customer with a standard approach and application
The depth to provide local resources for projects to ensure support and stability
Personalized attention and customer service
Be prepared for impending regulatory requirements with a proven serialization solution and execution team that leverages over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences market.