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Avanceon has a long standing history of providing automation solutions that help our customers improve operational efficiency and quality, in their product, processes, and packaging systems.

Our automation experience spans from the Device layer (I/O Panels, Instrumentation, and Motor Control), PLC Automation and Process Control, HMI and Operator Interface, annunciation, and SCADA.
While the technology is a key component of every project, process knowledge is what allows a project to transform from just “completed” to a true success.  Avanceon has extensive process knowledge in many of the major vertical markets including:

We align process experts with every project to ensure that the needs of the customer are met regardless of the technology deployed.  With our experience in many application environments, along with our understanding of technology trends and industry standards, we design creative solutions that make you more competitive.

PLC Upgrades – Our idea of a holiday is seeing you celebrate.
Automation Rock Star Moment
We knew we had to get the job done over the four-day holiday weekend. That’s all the time the customer had to give us to replace hardware, do new IO and complete the process checkouts and establish production support. Not only that, we were installing an upgrade complex legacy PLC program that no one was familiar with. So what did we do? We set up an around-the-clock schedule, learned what was necessary, and completed the project in 3 days. The customer was delighted, and their people got to enjoy the balance of the holiday with their families. More moments


Automation Standards Development & Programs

Because of our depth of experience, Avanceon has developed a set of pre-designed and pre-tested process standards, drawings, software code, and supporting documentation specifically designed to address the technical requirements of the customer through process specific customization. This library of Electrical Drawing Templates, PLC modules, and HMI screens / objects allow Avanceon (and by extension, our customers) to develop a significant amount of automation deliverables without recreating the wheel every time. These automation standard templates and tools are instrumental in insuring the development of a system is executed in the most efficient manner with the most possible reuse. In addition to reuse, the resultant application is consistent from line to line and system to system to insure the deepest understanding among the factory and plant technical resources in support of the system.

Automation as a Service – Assessment

High Performance HMI

The evolution of HMI development has been driven by the speed and power of PC processors. In the early days of HMI’s there was limited ability to clearly and cleanly display all that the operator needed to effectively operate. In the 1990’s and 2000’s the PC’s evolution allowed for more to be displayed on the screen. As a result the development approach evolved to overstimulate and effectively lull an operator to a point where they are less likely to notice the details of the operations. Since the early 2010s the philosophy of High Performance HMI has become more prevalent. Avanceon has integrated this philosophy into our HMI approach. This philosophy highlights the most efficient display of information for the operators to allow them to clearly convey the status of the system, the actions needed, and the areas to focus on and address. This approach and philosophy is a basis for Avanceon’s approach to HMI development.


Batch Engineering

One of the main issues cited by batch manufacturers is the production of consistent product. Consistent product can only be produced when control of all aspects of the batch process is established and continuously managed. In the interest of solving this issue Avanceon has developed a consistent batch solution and philosophy based upon common software standards, terminology, and control models. The ISA Batch Control Standard S88.01 provides a template for a “Best Practice” but some additional structure is needed to address the realities of the dynamics of the plant environment. Through our practical application of standard models and terminologies, batch recipe execution and reporting can be clearly managed. Standard models allow for configurable batch components to be assembled achieving consistent product every time. The implementation of S88.01 requires training to consistently interpret the standards to achieve the best value in practice. Avanceon can assist you in applying the S88.01 standards based on your own process. We can also deliver pre-defined templates which we have already proven to work at many Fortune 100 manufacturers.


Process Information from Automation

Information technology plays a vital role in the success of any enterprise today and that is particularly true in manufacturing. Avanceon helps companies close the technology gap that exists between the manufacturing floor and the Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP). The success of Manufacturing Information System (MES) and a connected ERP often hinges on the quality and reliability of the data provided from the automation layer. Avanceon specializes in developing solutions that funnel, standardize, and concentrate the process information from manufacturing systems to the MES or ERP layer.


Avanceon Supports Many Automation Platforms Including

PLC Platforms:

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Logix Platform – PLC 5, & SLC500
Schneider / Modicon – M80, Quantum and legacy 984
Siemens – S7 and S1500 Family
Automation Direct
GE and assorted others.
Automation Check Up / Obsolescence Plan

HMI Platforms:

Wonderware/AVEVA (Endorsed System Integrator) - InTouch with System Platform
Rockwell Software – Panelview and RSView
GE – Proficy and Cimplicity
Inductive Automation – Ignition
Siemens – WinCC, and assorted others
System Conversions – Everyone wants to be a Rock Star. Is it any Wonder?
Platform Rock Star Moment
The Project Manager at the Water Treatment Plant wanted to upgrade their PLCs and convert their old system to Wonderware/AVEVA. Once we completed the pilot program and the company got a glimpse into the world of Wonderware/AVEVA and it’s value, the whole company looked to roll out similar projects. After all, everyone wants to be a Rock Star. More moments