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Automated food and beverage manufacturing systems are the cornerstone of every food and beverage manufacturing company. With the need to drive Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency across the entire manufacturing production facility, automation still offers the best technology return on investment.

Since our inception in 1984, Avanceon has had a major emphasis and focus on automation and information solutions for food and beverage manufacturing. Our people understand the complex needs, constraints and detailed intricacies of nearly all food and beverage processes.
Be it adding new products to existing production lines, supporting existing systems, or complying with demanding FDA requirements, Avanceon has the skills and tools to meet the needs of the food and beverage manufacturer.
Avanceon’s people and processes provide technical knowledge, implementation tools and dedicated resources that enable the food and beverage manufacturer to address real-world manufacturing challenges.

Improve Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Avanceon maintains a staff of food and beverage industry experts in manufacturing process engineering, batching and blending, fermentation, packaging control, line integration, and more to provide state of the art automation and information solutions for food and beverage manufacturing. We help our clients with the challenges that schedule constrained projects and demanding 24X7 support create while maintaining our commitment to the industry and overall knowledge through a continued investment in the latest trends of the market.


Food and Beverage Industry Solutions

Avanceon delivers a wide variety of solutions to the food and beverage market including:

Process Automation Control Solutions

These Avanceon solutions focus on the process and product making components of food and beverage manufacturing. The major business emphasis of projects in the process area of a plant are waste reduction, yield improvement, accuracy of delivery, efficiency of control, track and trace of products, WIP, lots, and advanced control of key process variables. Systems of note include:

Raw Material Unload
Ingredient Delivery
Pasteurization / HTST
Mixer / Kettle Control
Ovens / Dryers
Cooling & Refrigeration
Batching & Blending Systems
Bulk Material Delivery
Batch Systems – We’ve got the recipe for making things work.
Batch Rock Star Moment
We’d done a system platform upgrade for the customer a few months ago, but now they were having issues creating new recipes. So we immersed ourselves in the code and carefully traced and debugged the recipe creation routines. It turned out the code wasn’t the issue – missing data was the culprit. But that didn’t matter; our job is to make it work – even better than expected. We identified the problem, the issue permanently disappeared, and our customer created new recipes for their new product launch. More moments

Packaging Automation and Integration

The implementation and integration of systems in the packaging areas of the plant from the filling zone to finished goods / warehouse. The business emphasis in these areas typically is focused on quality control, consistent fill control, OEE, integration between OEM equipment and overall line efficiency. Systems of note include:

Packaging Line Integration – OEM to OEM
Conveyor Control (Line Speed Management and Interlock)
Defect, Detect & Reject
Can / Bottle / Bag Filling
Depalletizing / Palletizing
Case Packing
Pallet Transfer and Management
Inventory Reconciliation to Finished Goods

Quality Integration

Solutions designed to reduce or eliminate the human interaction associated with quality control checks for product quality and label efficacy. Solutions of note include:

On-Line Analytical Solutions
SPC – Statistical Process Control
Lab / Quality Control Management Systems
HACCP for Manufacturing

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