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Regardless of what your Industry 4.0 needs are, you are likely dealing with the reality that your Operational Technology layer is looking more and more like your Information Technology layer.

Translation – you are experiencing IT/OT Convergence.
Whether you are from the OT side of the equation trying to adapt to new structures and policies or are from the IT side trying to understand the age spectrum of the OT technology and how it all fits in your organization, convergence is a challenge.
Avanceon is the right partner to help navigate this convergence. From our 30+ years of delivering solutions for plants, corporate and IT, we fluently speak the language of Operations, Engineering, IT and the C-suite and can translate not just the terms of each, but the intent and objectives behind the terms. We provide services and solutions focused on IT/OT convergence such as consultation and guidance for your I4.0 strategy, OT network planning and design, security recommendations and IT compliance management strategies applied in OT.
Making a plan, taking the right steps and communicating effectively goes a long way in smoothing the waters of IT/OT convergence.
Ask us how.

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